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Grischa Stuer

I was asked a few times: "Would you recommend studying at the International Face Painting School with Olga Murasev?" I can say: "Definitely: Yes!" Studying at the IntFPS is not just easy done. It is absolutely not comparable to copying one of the many free tutorials or paid videos, even though these are partially explained well. In the IntFPS you will learn background and theory from the very beginning. And when the basics are done, it gets intensive. You can expect a lot of content with practical exercises, which have to be taken by an always very friendly, but quite strict teacher, because Olga is caring about you learning a lot. In the ELITE course - which is worth every penny, and which I can absolutely recommend! - you get an individual and personal feedback for each painting done, with the mistakes analyzed and with instructions on how to avoid them. It is a really great workout, which far exceeded my expectations. I do not believe there is anything else in this intensity available. Sure the most extensive training you can get.

Courtney Kroenke

I love working with Kristin! When she reviews my homework for the International Face Painting School, she is so thorough and really helps me build off of each mistake and each success. The art she produces is INCREDIBLE! I hope to be able to glean even a teensy bit of her ability through working with her. Her kindness and love she puts into everything she does are so inspiring and I am very thankful to know her!

Aleera Shipsides

I've been painting professionally for 18 months and today was my first party since starting the course, it was amazing how much better my brush strokes were, by really focusing on activating my paints to a creamy consistency before painting with them. Thank you Olga!

Dottie Kastl

Kristin is my teacher at the International Face painting School and I must tell you she is a fabulous teacher! She is the reason I've progressed the way I have. She works with me and goes the extra mile and a half to help me understand how to do a particular task. I'd give her a million stars if I could!!!

Elodie Bisegna Ternois

What an amazing experience!!! Doing Olga's School was my best decision of the year 2017! This training has given me a great deal of expertise and creativity. I had the goal by integrating the School to learn the one stroke and to serve me correctly rainbow cakes, here's what I did! I enjoyed the availability, corrections, advice and encouragement of Olga. She always has a nice word for us :) I also liked the friendly atmosphere with other students coming from all over the world. We all support each other and we encourage each other! I graduated on January 10th and I am super proud of me and my work :) thank you for everything Olga, your School is without doubt the best to learn the face painting in long, wide and through ^^ with love :)

Mari Ruiz Arenas

Olga's School is absolutely fantastic. You can find all about face painting there, and Olga is such a kind and attentive teacher. I love it!! Totally recommended!!

Marjan Vermeer

The international face painting school was a huge step for me. Not only financially, but also emotionally. Always afraid of not being good enough, not experienced enough or not confident enough to finish it, it took me quite some time to convince myself I was worth it. Sometimes the language was a bit of a barrier, the roses made me even cry, and seeing all the fabulous work of my fellow student made me wonder if I could actually finish it. So yes, sometimes it was hard, but I had to make it work for myself. I kept believing in Olga and finally found believe in myself. I know there are way more talented artists in the studies, showing their work that I found way more beautiful than mine, but I decided not to let their work placed on facebook get me down. It has become a goal for me and find inspiration in other ones work to be just as good. I decided along the way that I was in the studies first of all to improve myself, and not to relate to anyone else. There will always be someone smarter, better, faster and more confident, but I had to do it. And I did! The quality of the school is high level, lots of important information and always adapted if needed. Now, it's time for me to improve myself more and more with all the skills learned, hoping I will be as good as Olga and Kirstin someday. Thank you for making me part of this school!

Annabel Hoogeveen

Enrolling in The International Face Painting school is by far the best decision I made in years!! I have been a face painter for quite some time, owning my own business in face painting and teaching others how to face paint. In past years I attended a lot of workshops from very talented face painters, and each time a learned something. But never did I learn as much as I learned in this school from Olga. The curriculum is covering every important aspect of face painting en Olga was for me the perfect teacher: inspiring, encouraging but firm. She challenged me to explore things, way outside my safe boundaries. It was sometimes scary but very rewarding. And this process is still going on, even now I have graduated as an honor student. Like I said before: enrolling was the best decision I made. It gave myself this beautiful gift and I love it. Thank you so much Olga for making this happen!

Sandra Markey

I love that you can do this course at your own speed, no pressure to go at the pace of others. Even though I have painted professionally for several years I am genuinely learning so much from this course and experiencing lots of " thats how you do it" moments. Highly recommended xxx

Natalie Blampied

I have attended this school in a beginner capacity and I have grown and developed so much as a face painter. It is essential to perfect the basics first, in line work, paint usage and then design structure. This course enables you to do all this and end up an accomplished and confident face painter. I highly recommend it and the value for money is exceptional. Olga is an amazing artist and I continue to enjoy learning from her.

Veerle Vandekerckhove

Now that I graduated, I'd like to tell a bit more about the International Face Painting School: The content of the course is phenomenal, very thorough and contains really ALL there is to know if you want to become a real pro! It's building up skills in a very clever way. The use of the software is very functional, and kept up to date all the time. To graduate, you have to be dedicated, the final exam is not something to take lightly, but what a reward it is to get the Diploma! And this is where Olga's talent comes in: not only her amazing artistic skills, but equally her way of dealing with people. Olga keeps pushing her students in a very sweet and gentle way. I know of no one else who has this ability to point out mistakes in a way you don't feel bad about it, but get inspired to try and try again, because practice makes perfect. So not only do you become a great face painter, but you also get to have this wonderful person as a teacher! Not forgetting all of the other students from all over the world, who are a great community as well!

Yolande Wegkamp

Kristin is a patient and kind person who is always very willing to help every student at the School. She is very talented and I would be lucky to learn from such a talented artist. Any party would be richer to have such a talented painter preform her artistic skills. Thank you Kristin!!

Peli Rosa

I am absolutely loving it. Confidence comes from knowing that you know what you are doing, and Olga is extremely generous in sharing all that she has learnt through the years. With these training materials, I see a future with good quality face painting in all our lives. I feel soon lucky that the course was there for me when I had the "call" for face painting. It is allowing me to focus and concentrate on learning, rather than wasting time and money barking at the wrong tree (I am not a native, I hope this makes sense).

Lisa Harris

I want to say how proud I am to be able to study under the incredibly talented Olga Murasev. She is very strict, and requires students to do a very good job on each skill. It has improved my painting so much to try & really get each module thoroughly mastered. High praises for the International Face Painting School.

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