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Jen Hague — 09 July 2024

Top-Quality Face Paints for Every Skill Level

Are you eager to create beautiful designs on children’s faces or your own, with face paints that offer great coverage, vibrant colors, and stunning results? Maybe you’ve tried purchasing face paints from local stores, Amazon, or eBay, only to find they crack, don’t allow for sharp lines, and have dull colors. This can be incredibly…

Jen Hague — 05 July 2024

The Best Face Painting Stencils for Enhancing Your Designs

Many elements will honestly look far better and cleaner with face painting stencils (like clouds, stars, tiny hearts or leaves). Additionally, stencils can add a fun textural element, wording, or simply cut down on the time you have to spend painting a design. There are more and more professional brands producing stencils for face painting…

Jen Hague — 01 July 2024

Choosing the Right Face Paint Sponges

Face painting sponges are important tools of the trade, just as brushes are. Artists will generally prefer one type of sponge over another, depending on their personal style of work. Some will combine a few types of them for achieving various effects in face painting. There are a multitude of sponges with various textures and…

Jen Hague — 26 June 2024

Face Painting 4th of July Guide For Explosive Designs

Welcome to the most comprehensive and organized blog for your 4th of July Face Paint Inspiration — we have all of your red, white and blue face painting needs covered. Face painting is a delightful way to add some extra fun to your 4th of July celebrations. Whether you’re painting for a community event, private…

Jen Hague — 24 June 2024

Selecting the Best Face Painting Brushes

Do you want help selecting the best brushes for face painting that will make your work clean and easy? Perhaps you’ve tried some craft ones earlier and the results left you frustrated? No worries! We’ve prepared the most complete guide for the best face painting brushes, exact links on where to get them, and extra…

Jen Hague — 19 June 2024

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Face Painter

Face painting is a unique craft! It’s where we can combine a love for creativity and transformation with the joy of bringing happiness to others. Could there be a better job?…

Olga Murasev, Kelli Zermeño — 26 March 2024

Face Painting For Beginners: How to Face Paint

Embark on the vibrant journey of face painting for beginners! Whether you have been asked to face paint as a volunteer for the very first time in your life, you’re a mom who wants to enhance your child’s birthday party, you want to make some extra money with face painting, or you want to learn…

Lela Trock, Olga Murasev — 22 March 2024

World’s Best Face Paint Ideas for Any Occasion!

So you’ve scoured the internet and you’re tired of seeing the same, mediocre designs over and over again. You don’t need a laugh, you need some inspiration! Here at the International Face Painting School, we believe face paint for kids (and adults!) is a real art, and we’re keeping things high quality. We’ve got some…

Olga Murasev, Kelli Zermeño — 16 March 2024

How to Become a Face Painter and Get Paid

The face and body art industry is a vibrant, colorful world! But did you know that you can actually make a real living out of it? If you got what it takes you may even be able to earn a full time face painter salary from all your local events especially through the busy Spring…

Milena Potekhina — 04 February 2024

Popular Leopard Face Painting Tutorial by Milena Potekhina

You probably know cat designs are a hit in the face painting world, from kitty cats to fierce tigers and other wild cats, it’s one of the most requested designs. In this tutorial, the world-famous Russian artist, Milena Potekhina, will guide you as you face paint a cute spotted leopard perfect for girls, but easily…

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