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Lela Trock, Olga Murasev — 20 March 2023

World’s Best Face Painting Ideas for Any Occasion!

So you’ve scoured the internet and you’re tired of seeing the same, mediocre designs over and over again. You don’t need a laugh, you need some inspiration! Here at the International Face Painting School, we believe face paint for kids (and adults!) is a real art, and we’re keeping things high quality. We’ve got some…

Kelli Cowart — 11 December 2022

Learn How to Face Paint Your Favorite Christmas Ideas with Easy Tutorials

If you are about to face paint for Christmas and need the prettiest, most popular design ideas, you’re on the right page. Our guide will focus on the most requested face painting designs and a ton of tutorials to help you nail this holiday season. ~ Quick Navigation Content Guide ~ Easy Christmas Face Painting…

Kelli Cowart — 22 November 2022

Thanksgiving Day Face Painting: ideas and tutorials

Pass the green bean casserole and add whipped cream to the pumpkin pie! Thanksgiving is here, and we have much to be thankful for this year. Thanksgiving evolved to be a…

Kelli Zermeño — 01 March 2022

It’s our 5th Birthday! Accomplishments, news, goals, and plans…

Bring out that tray of cupcakes and let’s light those candles! The International Face Painting School is celebrating its 5th birthday and we are so excited to invite you to celebrate with…

Kelli Zermeño — 06 May 2021

Elodie Ternois: The Unicorn Queen of the Face Painting Industry

A scroll through images of a unicorn or Disney-inspired face paints will pull up not only images of adorable little creatures painted by Elodie, but also a slew of Elodie-inspired designs by…

Shawna Fae Thomas — 04 March 2021

Colorful Spring Bunny Step by Step by Shawna Fae Thomas

Bunny designs are highly requested during Easter time and here is a fun, colorful take on a traditional bunny. 🐰 If necessary this design could be done very fast, just painted on the forehead with a light outline and a quick flower in the center. Materials: Superstar Pastel Lilac TAG Fairy Floss Mehron White Wolfe…

Luisa Santos, Olga Murasev — 19 December 2020

Upgrade to Success: The 2020 Graduates Talk About the Best Decision They Ever Made

When the world was falling apart, and hundreds of face painters were losing their hope and motivation to polish their beloved craft, something extraordinary happened… We all spoke about the contemporary…

Rosie Lieberman — 07 September 2020

Lion Face Paint: Fast and Impressive Design by Rosie Lieberman

In this tutorial, I will show you how to paint a fast yet impressive on-the-job lion! This design will make your line run fast and your clients roar with happiness. 😉 Materials: Large filbert brush (I used Paradise Makeup AQ 816) Small filbert brush (I used Loew Cornell 7500c series n.8) No. 4 round brush…

Elodie Ternois — 27 August 2020

Dead Easy Skeleton Face Paint Tutorial by Elodie Ternois

In this tutorial, I will show you how to paint an “on-the-job” skeleton! Also, after this step-by-step, I will share with you some additional information on how I have created this look. 😉 Supplies used: Mehron White (glycerin-based) Superstar “Graphite Shimmer” (metallic black) Tag White (wax-based) Tag Black Superstar “Brownie” (light brown) Superstar “Henry Junior”…

Kelli Zermeño — 09 August 2020

One stroke face painting revolution: How to nail it!

While the technique of double loading color on a paintbrush has been done for centuries on pottery, furniture, and canvas alike… we can thank American acrylic paint artist Donna Dewberry for popularizing…

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