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Kelli Zermeño — 27 April 2018 —

Whether you are just starting out in the industry, or you’ve been painting for a while and are looking for a trusted place to purchase your supplies, this handy-dandy guide will assist you in purchasing all of your painty needs!

Professional quality face and body paints are rarely found at craft or discount stores. Places like Michael’s sell brands such as Snazaroo or other lesser known products. Generally speaking, Snaz is a certified safe paint. But, as Olga often reminds us, it is a lower quality product that will not lend you the quality results of other trusted brands the School endorses. And, that list is ever-evolving.

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You may find some products on eBay or Amazon, but the price will typically be higher and/or the quality lower. You additionally run the risk of unknowingly purchasing counterfeit face paints this way. Why does this matter? Safety. The shops in this article sell only authentic face paints that are quality tested. If you accidentally purchase a batch of counterfeit paint, it could contain harmful substances that could cause allergic reactions, blistering, etc for your precious clients.

Most face painting supplies can be purchased online. Additionally, most of these shops also run a brick-and-mortar shop. So, if you are lucky enough to reside nearby or are planning a trip, you may additionally shop in-store and get valuable information and the opportunity to check out colors and brushes with your own eyes. You should certainly google face paint shops in your hometown to see if there is anything nearby. BUT, stick with the list of safe/approved paints to ensure you aren’t purchasing inferior products.

You can additionally sometimes find great deals in person. I recently visited Eddie’s Trick Shop in Marietta, Georgia. I was able to purchase a multitude of Paradise paints for $3 less per cake than the online shops, in addition to trying out several products and brushes myself. And the best part? No shipping!😁 Additionally, many of these shops host face painting classes, workshops and something we lovingly refer to as “jam sessions”.

colorful face paint stacked on a shelf
Check out this eye candy from the Google tour of the Face Painting Shop in Essex, England!

For those of us not lucky enough to live near an actual shop, online shopping is the only steady option. Not to worry though! Many of these shops not only sell the paints but have their own blogs, video tutorials and more to give you an in-depth look at new products, brands and more. So although you aren’t able to test before you buy, the professionals will do it for you! Check out our list of recommended online shops: 👇

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Face Paint Shop Australia
Face Paint Supplies Perth
Face Paints Online
Looney Bin
Sublime Body Art
Always Wicked Art




Hokey Pokey Shop
The Magic Mirror
Pigment M
Dotsy The Clown

Costa Rica

Funny Party
Pintacaritas Tri La Tienda


Les Couleurs Du Vent
Planet Body Art


Theater Makeup
Magie der Farben
Kreativ-Store 24
KreativSchmiede Eifel
Peter Tronser Onlineshop


Csillam Vilag

Hong Kong

HBC Makeup
Just Face Painting Hong Kong
Yo Face Painting Shop


Magnum Shop




Onyria Studio


Face Paint Shop
Crea Rose

New Zealand

Face Paints NZ
Body FX Shop


Raduga Grima
Diamond FX

South Africa

Face Paint Supplies SA
The Face Painters


Superstar Spain
Plantilla y Maquilla


Face make-up
Maquillages Magiques
Kids und Farbe

United Kingdom

The Face Painting Shop
Magic Box Face Paints
Facepaint UK
FacePaint Pro

United States

Shop Glitter Tattoos
Andrea O’Donell, the creator of BAM stencils, official website
Face Paint Forum Shop
Showoffs Body Art
Amerikan Body Art
The Paint and Party Place
Trendy Tribals


Is your head spinning from the selection of products? 😱 Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 😎

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What is your favorite place to shop for your painty needs? Tell us why you choose your favorite shop to frequent. Show us your face paint hauls from your favorite store! 👇👇👇

 — Kelli Zermeño

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