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— 12 March 2024 —

Welcome to the International School of Face Painters where thousands of face painters have received the training to take their interest and make it a thriving business!

You’re in the right place if you want to…

  • Take face painting classes from the comfort of your own home;
  • Learn the ins and outs of professional face painting from certified experts not amateurs;
  • Improve your face painting and business skills quickly with a proven, step-by-step method;

Sneak a peek at our students’ success, and answer this important question if you can…

before-after take a class at the International Face Painting School

If it’s possible for hundreds of painters to have results like this in just 6 months… why are thousands of painters stuck in their “before” stage for YEARS!?

Avoid the mistakes that 90% of face painters make!

❌ Buying cheap paints that are packaged like professional brands — HUGE LIABILITY!

Professional paint brands follow the highest safety regulations, while knock-offs sell illegal, unsafe products that look similar while lying about what’s in them. Using these uninsurable products could end your career and cost you BIG TIME in the long run.

❌ Saving money on professional brushes and investing in crafty ones — big NO-NO!

Your linework will never be as good as it can be with pro brushes.

❌ Improper paint activation.

This is the root cause of messy linework, stenciling problems, and dull and faded designs.

❌ Treating the face as a flat canvas.

Even a great canvas artist needs to LEARN how to work on a 3D surface with facial features. Face painting is not the same as canvas art.

❌ Letting bad technique slow you down.

Face painters use various techniques to paint beautiful designs at fast speeds! If you’re not using them, you will be slow and always earn less than you could even if you have artistic talent.


Our students master linework, one stroke, double dip, stencil work, sponge work, blending, dry brushing and more in our courses, and their results speak for themselves:

What is your artwork saying?

— Do you relate to these common face painter frustrations?

“I really want to be a confident, appreciated, and professional face painter, but on the job I feel like an imposter. My anxiety and frustration keep me from painting my best when it matters most.”

I watch tutorials — as many as I can find!! — but my art isn’t getting better. I don’t know how to apply what I’m learning for success.”

I. am. so. slow. I like how I paint, but when I try to go faster it looks like a mess and I miss steps. I want to provide my best work for the kids, but I don’t know how to do that and keep the line moving too!”

— Don’t waste years with trial and error making avoidable mistakes!

Follow the proven and effective methodology, move in the right direction, and quickly achieve your goals!

  • WHY waste your precious time watching YouTube videos from uncredentialed and amateur painters teaching doubtful methods…?
  • SKIP the heated debates of strangers repeated in endless comment threads on Facebook groups!
  • SAVE the money of expensive travel and accommodations to join live face painting classes that can only give you a taste of what the instructor has to offer…

Get the best value for your time and money with our courses — the most accessible, comprehensive solution on the market!

Instead of walking alone on a path that leads to improvement or giving up, whichever you find first…

— You can choose a future in face painting full of joy, love, and prosperity!

The kids are smiling and won’t give the mirror back. This is my favorite moment on the job, and it happens all the time now!

“I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I feel confident when I get a new request! I know the building blocks of a great design, and I have the tools to create something better than the inspiration pics I found on Google.”

My customers appreciate me and love their face painting more when they aren’t waiting in line so long. I love the compliments on my art, but also on my speed!

If you’re ready to transform your art and your world, you’re in the right place!

Olga Murasev

I’m Olga Murasev, the founder of the International Face Painting School. Together with my amazing team of School-certified instructors, we have helped thousands of people just like you all over the world to polish their skills and become confident, professional, and happy face painters. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!

What is the International Face Painting School?

Our School provides professional face painting instruction online worldwide from our team of professional face painters and experts.

Our mission? To empower aspiring and experienced face painters worldwide.

We believe that inside each person lies great creative potential, and by unlocking it, we can bring love, joy, and prosperity to the world.

Over 2500 students from 70+ countries have achieved greater artistic self-realization and contentment, with our PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP FACE PAINTING SYSTEM. Learn the best supplies, the fundamentals of face painting, and advanced techniques from real instructors who can assist you throughout your journey.

Here, beginner artists can gain confidence right from the start, and professionals have a place to get inspired and keep improving. Professionalism, joy, and excellence are our focus as we help our students create delightful experiences for children and clients.

Who would benefit from taking our face painting classes?

Our detailed face painting training course is perfect if:

  • you are a BEGINNER and have decided to practice face painting as a hobby,
  • you want to make face painting your PROFESSION,
  • you are an ENTERTAINER or CLOWN and you want to expand the range of your services,
  • you are a MAKEUP ARTIST and you want to gain new skills,
  • you are an EXPERIENCED face painter and you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your clients with amazing technique,
  • or you want to become a face painting INSTRUCTOR and you need to gain confidence in your skills and find out how to build an effective educational program.

Do I need any preparation before taking a Face Painting Class?

No experience is required to start our Beginner or Professional course, but we want you to get the most out of your face painting class and have an enjoyable learning experience.

If you’re new to face painting, you may want to start with our free Beginner’s Guide to familiarize yourself with this incredible art form!

You also don’t need to buy any supplies before enrolling in our courses. In every course, we teach what professional tools to buy to ensure client safety and get the best results for your art. When you buy your supplies with these insider tips, you will get the best value for your money!

But if you want to get some supplies before enrolling,be sure to check out our Face Painting Supplies Buying Guides to get our recommendations for the best supplies for a professional start.

What face painting lessons do our classes include?

All theoretical basics, all practical skills, and all our professional secrets to help you fast-track your professional face painting career — these will all be unlocked for you in this one-of-a-kind online training program.

But you don’t have just to trust our opinion on it…

Celebrities in this field are amazed by how thorough our training is! Check out this review from top face painter, Nick Wolfe:

I was IMPRESSED almost immediately when I looked at Olga’s program. There is so much info in this Course!!!

Olga is certainly one of the top face painters in the world and has now demonstrated why. She has researched this business to the end and has presented it in a user friendly format that EVERYONE can learn from.

Olga has seen the future and it is the International Face Painting School!

Nick Wolfe

Svetlana Keller, an industry star and the creator of the Sparkling Faces brand, well known worldwide for their practice boards, graduated from our original Elite Course. This was her experience:

International Face Painting School is an INCREDIBLE place to learn basics as well as to develop your own style at the advanced level. A face painting course that you would love to attend, a super intensive program that you would profit from, and never-ending support from Olga during studies that will impress you for sure!

All modules are filled with tons of tips and tricks to help you become a better artist. Pictures, schemes, video tutorials, there is everything to make sure you enjoy practicing with your favorite media! Fast or slow, you decide your tempo; with Olga’s feedback or on your own, choose your best way of learning! Very structured but still flexible, the school system will encourage you to be creative, to be successful, and to become a star in the face painting industry!

Learn and take breaks, paint and research, try new things out and copy school designs, join the School and open a whole new world of rainbows and glitters!

Svetlana Keller

But what will your experience be? Check it out: 👇

In our FUN & INTERACTIVE curriculum, you’ll learn all this and MORE:

☆ Proper face paint activation and paint consistency,
use your professional paints to their greatest advantage;
☆ On the Job safety, hygiene, and sanitation best practices,
protect your clients and your business with the right precautions;
☆ Professional supplies that give the best value for your money,
create a personalized kit that will propel your art to new levels;
☆ Techniques — from essential fundamentals to advanced tricks,
improve your practice time to get better faster;
☆ In-depth design tutorials for dozens of popular requests,
delight and amaze clients of all ages and tastes;
Develop your own style and custom designs,
uncover unique talents you can bring to your clients;
☆ PLUS On-the-Job and Business essentials,
pricing, marketing, and growth strategies to keep you booked!

❓❓❓ And if you have questions during your studies?

Ask us in our Private Student Group or message us; we’ll always be here to assist you!

Face Painting Class Certification

Get Certified as a Professional Face Painter with our Professional Course!

A trusted certification by face painters and clients alike.

The certification and course include:

  • Complete professional training in painting, safety, and business practices.
  • Examinations and instructor feedback to ensure your confidence and skill before graduation!
  • Your Professional Certification confirms your status as a top-level professional in the field.
  • An exclusive Professional badge to watermark your business images and profile.

Your Professional Certification can be completed in as little as 3-6 months, but the benefits of certification last your whole career! Once you enroll, you will get lifetime access to the course to refresh your training at any time you need.


Is Face Painting Certification a good investment?

We understand that you’re investing a lot in your business, and want a great return on your investments! So let’s look at the numbers…

Our Professional Course training is $595 USD and includes 30 modules of training!

One module at the School = one day-long, live face painting class.

A live class would likely cost… $100-$125+ per day just to reserve your seat.

You’ll also pay travel and accommodation costs and other related expenses.

And if you need to take off work for the travel and workshop days, the loss of income and inconvenience add to your total cost….

But each module of our training costs LESS THAN $20 USD.

Can you imagine taking a day-long, live class with any expert anywhere in the world at this price? Never! 😍

And it gets better…

✅ When you improve your services with our professional training, you can also Get Certified As A Professional At No Additional Cost!

✅ Book more events at a higher rate.
Some of our students have reported as much as a 20% increase in their hourly rate after graduating. You can enroll in the Professional Course today for the cost of 1 full day of face painting (4-6+ hours) at the USA average hourly rate.

✅ And save money on supplies by learning where to invest for long-term success and what products and fads are a waste of your earnings!

So, how’s the return on investment? Profit, profit, profit. 🤑

Become a top-rated face painter from the comfort of your own home!

No time limits, no pressure! This is a LIFETIME deal.

If you have been looking for a proper education in face painting, with precise instructions and ready-to-go fabulous designs to learn at the best price, this is the SOLUTION YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

Today face painting is one of the most dynamically developing spheres, opening huge opportunities to realize the dream — to do what you adore and to receive a decent income.

Begin here with one of our three detailed, step-by-step innovative educational programs:

Beginner course - IntFPS


Study at your own pace with lifetime access.

With this course, you will learn the crucial face painting basics along with 22 easy and stunning designs that will help you get started with confidence.

Ideal for casual face painters who want to offer cute designs and a safe experience for friends and family, as a volunteer painter, or at the start of their face painting career.

Training Schedule: This course is work at your own pace and has no deadlines. It takes students approximately 2 weeks to 2 months to complete depending on your dedication and skill level.

This course is not required before enrolling in the Professional course. If you’re planning to face paint professionally, check out our most comprehensive training below.

Beginner: ENROLL NOW >>

Professional Course - IntFPS


Our best-seller! ⭐ For students who want to become outstanding professional face painters and are ready to invest in their business.

Start wherever you’re at and become a certified professional face painter in as little as 3 months with our step-by-step program with lifetime access to course content including all updates. The course includes 30 modules with detailed videos, photos, and examples to make you an expert in face painting!

Learn the skills to critique your own work and identify areas where you can improve your designs and other designs that inspire you. Need an outside perspective? You also have access to our private community of instructors, students, and graduates for feedback whenever you need it!

In this course, you will…

✓ Gain a solid foundation to start your face painting journey including recommendations for essential tools and best brands, saving you money and time;

✓ Master all the best face painting techniques to improve your art and speed (including linework, double dip, one stroke, stencil work, sponge work, blending, and dry brushing);

✓ Learn focal point theory which is the secret to beautiful, balanced artwork on the face;

✓ Paint 45 stunning face paint designs ready to use at your next gig;

✓ See remarkable improvements by repainting a design from before you began the course and receiving individual feedback from an Elite instructor to help you achieve your very best!

You can Become A Certified Professional Face Painter In Just 3-6 Months, gaining the skills needed to make your dream business a reality!

As a reward for completing the certification requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Completion along with an exclusive Professional Face Painter e-badge you can use to set yourself apart on your social media, website, marketing material, and artwork.

Training Schedule: To achieve certification, please submit the requirements within 3-6 months of beginning your coursework (we will work with students individually to adjust the deadline if needed). All non-required content is to work at your own pace with no deadline.

Professional: ENROLL NOW >>

Elite Course - IntFPS

ELITE Course


The most advanced educational program for face painters in the world including 6 months of full, individual instructor support.

Your instructor will check every homework assignment and give you valuable feedback on how to fix mistakes, improve your designs, and become a top-rated face painter.

Expand on your training and discover new heights of success with our EXPERT training:

  • Individual feedback on 60+ practice and design assignments for your rapid improvement.
  • 15+ Bonus hour-long classes from top guest instructors including expert use of expansive training on design placement, advanced color theory, and so much more.
  • NEW instruction on advanced one-stroke techniques including ghosting.
  • Elite Member Zone, where students forge deep connections with each other that will last throughout their careers. These peer groups provide support, fun, and an encouraging community as artists overcome their greatest challenges together.

Receive your Diploma of Graduation along with an exclusive Certified Expert Face Painter e-Badge upon completion of your Final exam which includes both a theoretical and practical portion.

LIFETIME ACCESS to all course content and future updates! Every update and addition we make will forever benefit you and your business.

Training Schedule: This is a 6-month intensive course with one or more scheduled webinars, activities, and deadlines per week. It is recommended that students commit *at least one hour per day* to practice during their Elite training.

Spots are limited. Availability and commitment to the training schedule will be a factor in determining which students to accept into this exclusive training.

Students must be enrolled in or graduate from the Professional Course to apply for Elite training.

If you would like to receive news about our next Elite Training dates and begin the application process, please fill out our Waitlist Form here.

Graduates of the International Face Painting School


  • Access the School 24/7 from ANY device when you enroll as a student!
  • Get the most up-to-date information as we update and expand the course with the ever-evolving face and body art industry.
  • And, most importantly, gain confidence in yourself and your strengths, discover talents, and establish a habit of self-sufficiency for further growth and improvement.

Our courses are not just about mastering techniques and learning new designs, though…

The purpose of our course is to maximize your joy, love, and prosperity in your professional face painting business.

Click the “Enroll” button and start a new chapter in your life… 🤩

Beginner course - IntFPS

Take our Face Painting Courses and…

  • boost your confidence
  • learn new and better ways to paint faces
  • spread more smiles and love with your art
  • paint faster and more efficiently
  • amaze your clients to earn more recommendations
  • develop your own style and stop copying others
  • grow your business and get more bookings
  • create dynamic, vibrant, and high-quality work quickly
  • discover what your best really looks like!

Our comprehensive face painting class is a true life changer!

Ready to be an original?

Our course is NOT just a few tricks and hacks to teach you how to copy someone else…

Find your own creative flow and uncover what’s original in you! We’ll take you step-by-step, start to finish on your journey of artistic self-discovery.

Choose to follow your passion and….

SOON, you will become a far better face painter with confidence in your skills, your business, and who you ARE — a new successful YOU!

As a student of this school, you’ll gain the tools you need to be successful!


Beginner course - IntFPS

Face Painting Classes: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please email us at [email protected]. Our team is very happy to assist you. 🤗

Q: What types of work or jobs can I expect to do as a face painter?

A: Face painting as a career provides the opportunity to work for various events including painting children for parties, offering adult designs for festivals, and more. There are many types of events you may paint for as a professional including birthday parties, fairs and festivals, school carnivals, holiday parties, corporate events, community gatherings, and more.

There are two main categories of events that face painters accept:

  • Pay-Per-Face (PPF) — Painters set up at a popular locale, possibly paying a small booth fee or percentage, and charge clients individually for their face paint.
  • Hourly rate events — Painters are hired by an individual or organization at a set hourly rate to paint the guests of an event at no additional charge.

Many painters do both types of work. Our courses include training that will prepare you for both pay-per-face and events at an hourly rate.

Q: Is this online face painting course for me?

A: We have designed a course to meet the needs of every face painter. So, yes, our school is for you whether you’re a beginner, a professional, preparing to be an instructor, or just checking this out as a hobby.

You will definitely benefit from our courses if any of these are true for you…

  • you want to provide a fun, safe, and professional experience face painting on your children, yourself, or as a volunteer
  • you want to make face painting your profession,
  • you want to expand your range of services as an entertainer or clown,
  • you are a makeup artist and want to gain new skills,
  • you are an experienced face painter who wants to stand out from the crowd and impress your clients with amazing art,
  • or you want to become a face painting instructor and need to gain confidence and learn how to build an effective educational program.

Q: What makes the School so special?

A: You may have noticed that there are no amateur-looking designs here. We have a very high standard for the art and designs we included in this course, and an equally high standard for how we teach!

If you’re thinking that the training at the International Face Painting School is just a collection of video tutorials, it’s not.

We’ve created a unique experience with our online training system. Our students learn information equal to 30 day-long workshops, including all this and more:

  • written text that is easy to refer back to
  • design and line work templates to make your practice more effective
  • detailed written notes and visual schemes to help you catch all the details when you’re rehearsing a new design
  • 50+ in-depth video face painting lessons teaching designs, techniques, practice routines, and more!

Q: Do you offer face painting classes near me?

A: Our face painting classes can be viewed anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

We do not offer in-person classes, as our courses are so expansive that it would take 30+ days of all-day training to cover all the material in live classes! Can you imagine the expense and difficulty of scheduling for you as a student to come to a month of all-day training? But you can receive ALL the same valuable training and information at a small fraction of the cost AT HOME!

We have over a thousand successful graduates, proving that our online training is not only cost-effective but also provides remarkable results!

Q: Should I take live face painting lessons in person or face painting classes online?

A: Even though learning in a live class from a great instructor is a wonderful experience we won’t ever discourage, you can’t rely fully on live lessons for ALL your face painting needs.

The problem with live classes:

🙁 You’re limited to what’s available near you or…

🙁 You need to pay expensive travel and lodging fees to learn as much as you can in a short weekend… Want to learn more? You’ll have to wait for our next conference, next year.

🙁 You only get what you were able to take from the class that day… No revisiting the material with new eyes, nobody is taking notes for you, no repeat demonstrations after you’ve had some time to practice, no support team to answer your questions next month.

🙁 You rarely get much, if any, feedback on your own art from your instructor in a group workshop or masterclass setting.

🙁 And, even the best teachers can only teach a little of what you need to know in a one or two-day training.

The solution?

⭐ Get the equivalent of 30+ days of all-day training so you can learn everything you need to know for your success!

⭐ Lessons on your schedule! Learn quickly when you’re really grasping a concept, or slow it down when you need extra practice. Rewind when you need to hear a step again, and never miss key information while you change your water or grab a snack.

⭐ Lifetime access to all content, no note-taking required. Revisit any lesson, any time, anywhere with our wonderful mobile-friendly interface!

⭐ Benefit from personalized feedback with an instructor who is entirely focused on your work and your success while they’re working with you.

⭐ Rely on our support team with any questions you may have, whenever you need help!

So, what are you waiting for? You can start seeing the improvements you’re dreaming of TODAY!

Q: Which course should I take: Beginner, Professional, or Elite?

A: Great question! The best way to determine the right course for you is to focus on your GOALS rather than your current skills.

The Beginner Course includes basic information about face painting along with 22 easy design tutorials, specifically developed for the skill level of those who just started out. This course does NOT include certification or feedback.

The Beginner Course will suit you if you are practicing face painting as a hobby, a volunteer, or if you aren’t ready to make face painting your profession.

🌟 The Professional Course contains complete information about face painting along with 45+ advanced design tutorials, design and technique practice templates, and more. This course INCLUDES Professional Certification and feedback.

The Professional Course will suit you if you want to make face painting your career, stand out from the crowd, and become a confident professional in the industry.

📍 The Elite Training is only available for students who have already enrolled in the Professional course and want to continue advancing.

Q: Can I make an upgrade later?

A: Absolutely! You’ll be able to upgrade from the Beginner course to the Professional course, and from the Professional course to the Elite course.

Q: How do I pay? Can I pay in installments?

A: The payment can be made via a Credit Card or via PayPal from the course enroll page. If you have any troubles at this point, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

For the Professional Course, we offer 3-month and 6-month split-payment plans. The links below allow you to pay for classes and view the payment plan options.

Q: What equipment and materials will I need for face painting class?

A: No materials are required before beginning the coursework. Our Beginner and Professional Courses begin with thorough instruction on the best tools to include in your professional face painting kit (including the top essentials for a small starter kit). You will have time after learning about the tools to purchase those supplies before beginning the painting portion of your studies.

If you’re ready to start building your Professional Kit today, check out our top recommendations now: Get the Best Face Painting Kits!

Q: How long will it take me to complete my Professional Face Painting Certification?

A: The Professional Certification offered in our Professional course can be completed in as little as 3 months. After beginning your studies, you will have 6 months to complete the requirements, which is enough time for most students.

Requirements for Certification:

  • Complete a short answer response showcasing your understanding of safety and allergic reaction protocol after studying these subjects.
  • Pass four theoretical, multiple-choice tests to ensure your understanding of important concepts.
  • Submit 12 core designs painted on real faces from what you learned.
  • Repaint 1 design that you’d like to improve upon from before your studies. With Elite instructor feedback, you’ll work together to improve your design!

If extreme circumstances prevent the course from being completed during these 6 months, we will work with students individually to adjust the deadline if needed.

Q: When will the course start? Are there any time limits?

All courses include LIFETIME ACCESS.

Beginner Course: You will receive access to all content once your enrollment is confirmed. There are no deadlines, and all content is worked at your own pace.

Professional Course: Once your enrollment is confirmed, you’ll receive access to the first module. From that point on, the course releases gradually with a new module every few days.

The course includes many design tutorials, masterclasses, and a bonus business module not required for certification. All non-required content is to work at your own pace with no deadline. You will have lifetime access to enjoy all the content of this expansive training!

Elite Training: This exclusive program has a set start date, and certified graduates must apply in advance and be accepted. This is a 6-month intensive course with one or more scheduled webinars, activities, and deadlines per week. It is recommended that students commit AT LEAST one hour per day to practice during their Elite training.

Q: Are you ready?

A: Enroll today and unlock your full potential! Pick up the best course ➜


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