The Best Face Painting Stencils for Enhancing Your Designs

Best Face Painting Stencils
Olga Murasev — 10 September 2019 —

Many elements will honestly look far better and cleaner with face painting stencils (like clouds, stars, tiny hearts or leaves). Additionally, stencils can add a fun textural element, wording, or simply cut down on the time you have to spend painting a design.

There are more and more professional brands producing stencils for face painting now. But how do you know which ones you really need?

Don’t worry! You will find the answer in this article! 😃

a girl looking at the camera with a superman face paint on her forehead
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Our experts from the International Face Painting School narrowed the line of must-haves to the minimum number, yet picked up the most versatile, popular and handy stencils!

And for your comfort, we’ve provided each product with a direct affiliate link to our partner face paint store, which is one of the leading stores in the face painting industry.

But before we begin, here is a link to the premade collection with all tools ready to buy from one place!
Our Must Have Stencils

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Face Painting Stencils for Beginners

We’ve narrowed it down to only 5 stencils for a beginner’s kit! We picked up the most popular and most versatile stencils that will help you enhance your designs even if you are a pure beginner!

This Scales texture stencil is the first must-have of your kit! It will take your dragons, snakes, dinosaurs, monsters etc. to a totally new level in no time!

1. Bad Ass Mini 1005 – Face Painting Stencil – Scales

Here are two examples of how you could use the Scales stencil. Both of these designs have been created by the International Face Painting School instructors and the T-Rex one is studied in the School.

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Next, we highly recommend you to purchase three of these Ooh! Stencils — one with snowflakes, one with stars and a tribal one. The half-circle shape of these stencils makes them fit perfectly around the eyes and on the forehead!

Use this stencil for all those wintery and Frozen designs. Frozen is a BIG THING in face painting and you will certainly get plenty of requests for it, no matter what time of the year it is!

2. Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Snowflake Wrap #1 (W07)

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate snowflakes

By the way, check out our two stunning tutorials using snowflakes stencils: Arctic Ice Princess Step-by-Step by Kristin Olsson and “Frozen” Elsa Step-by-Step by Elodie Ternois.

a girl with a compleated artic ice princess face paint design

Mike Tyson set the trend for tribal eye designs with his recognizable tattoo. But painting a tribal freehand may take A LOT of practice and will still leave room for improvement on small wiggly clients.

Therefore, invest in this Tribal Wrap stencil! It will be a hit and will make your life so much easier!

3. Face Painting Stencil | Tribal Wrap (W14)

As you can see from this design by the French School instructor Elodie Ternois, this tribal wrap stencil will also make a great addition to many other boy designs! Go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

a woman with a purple dragon face paint desing

Another super popular stencil that works perfect both on boy and girl designs and is super versatile is the Stars stencil!

We recommend this Star Wrap from the Ooh! Company because it’s super easy to fit on the temple, the tips of the composition are already made for you in decreasing stars size and you can use it literally anywhere!

4. Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Star Wrap (W02)

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate stars

Tip: Check out how easy you can enhance a unicorn design like Elodie Ternois did. Or, you can add this Stars Wrap stencil over a rainbow arch like the School founder Olga Murasev did! This stencil has the perfect shape and size!

Last, but not least, we recommend you invest in this very popular Skull with Crossbones stencil. Just because painting it freehand takes forever! And it is so versatile!

You can use it on top of a pirate bandana, or on the arm of a little one, or as cheek art. Boys just love it!

5. TAP 044 Face Painting Stencil – Skull with Crossbones

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate a skull

Extra Face Painting Stencil Templates for Professionals

Now, if you are looking into becoming a professional face painter, you may need a couple of extras that will make a difference in your work and will help you stand out from the crowd.

First, we highly recommend this super versatile face paint stencil kit by Lea Selley, aka the Tattooed Lady. It literally has any texture you may need for decorating almost any design! It’s a must-have in Olga Murasev’s kit too!

6. Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

Check out how creatively you can actually paint entire faces by using only a split cake, a sponge and some main colors. The stencils make it all! The clouds and the stars in this rainbow fairy design (that is part of the curriculum) have been all stenciled and there is almost no brush painting, which makes it super easy to accomplish even for a newbie!

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And also, take a look at our Face Paints Buying Guide to find out what is the best split-cake for rainbows!

This Henna Bits stencil by Diva became one of the most popular stencils in the face painting community! Invest in it, you won’t regret!

7. Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Forehead Henna Bits (00648)

Use it to fill in the negative space around the design as Elodie Ternois did with her Simba design, or add it as a texture on top of a kitty cat design like Kristin Olsson did. Also, you can stencil an entire mask or eye design by using just this one single stencil! It is super versatile and you need it in your life!

an image of a girl with a blue cat face paint design and a woman with a face paint of simba from lion king
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You’ve already seen the dots texture in the Graffiti eyes stencils kit. This bigger version is also a very versatile one and is an essential stencil for a professional face painter’s kit.

8. Bad Ass Mini 1206 – Face Painting Stencil – Dots

Kristin Olsson uses this Dots stencil a lot in her work and so does Olga Murasev!

two images - one is a boy with dash from incredibles painted on his forehead and the other is a boy with dracula face painted above his left eye
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One more super useful and versatile set of stencils is this Organic Collection by HAS.

9. Half Ass Face Painting Stencil Set – Organic #0

Check out how creatively Kristin Olsson used the leafy stencil to break down the edge of the sponged one stroke. And the textures added to the butterfly wings and kitty cat forehead and cheeks transfer these designs to a totally new level! And all that in seconds!

Themed, Seasonal and Halloween Stencils

Now, if you are looking for specific stencils that will save you over the most popular holidays of the year, we’ve prepared a list of the Seasonal essentials for you!

And first, we’ll tell you what you need to rock it this Halloween! 🎃🦇

This TAP Halloween stencil collection is the best choice! Bats, Jack o’Lantern, Graves, Ghosts, pumpkins… all you need is covered in this collection!

10. Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencil – Halloween

face painting stencil that helps you illustrate halloween themed paintings

This Fairy Fun easy face painting template stencil by Diva became one of the most popular stencils recently! Use it on the forehead with fairy wings painted over the eyes, or as cheek art, or create a hand-art design. It’s super simple and girls adore it!

11. Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Fairy Fun (00441)

face painting stencil that helps you illustrate tinker bell

Our next stop is mermaids! We recommend these two face painting stencils.

One with the Mermaid silhouette, that you can use like the fairy stencil and the other one with lovely shells and swirls to use on the forehead and temple areas in Mermaid crown designs.

12. TAP 094 Face Painting Stencil – Sunbathing Mermaid

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate a mermaid

13. Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Forehead Seahorse Band (00476)

Last but not least, you may need a set of unicorn stencils. Just because unicorns are so popular now! Use the horn stencil in the middle of the forehead to help you get that right pointy shape with your unicorn mask easily!

14. TAP 103 Face Painting Stencil – Unicorn Horn with Stars

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate a unicorns horn

This unicorn silhouette face paint template stencil is one of Elodie’s favorites!

15. Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Unicorn Storm (R01)

a face painting stencil that helps you illustrate a unicorn

Elodie Ternois, our “unicorn queen” instructor shows how easy you can create amazing designs with this unicorn silhouette stencil!

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 — Olga Murasev

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