Beginner’s Guide to Elsa Face Painting

Frozen Elsa Face Paint Tutorial
Elodie Ternois — 22 December 2018 —

While Christmas gigs are almost over and you most probably won’t be requested to paint any snowmen or reindeers until next winter, I decided to present you a tutorial for a design that will keep you booked the whole year!

Once released, the “Frozen” movie became a huge hit! There is almost no little girl in this world that didn’t dream about becoming Queen Elsa!

So today I’ll teach you how to apply Frozen makeup to create Frozen face paint design, that will delight any little girl! 😍

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Step 1: Elsa Face Paint Sketch

Materials: Ivory by Superstar and Loew-Cornell round brush #1.

To find the best placement for my design, I start by drawing Elsa’s face and braid with Ivory color. I chose this color instead of white because it will be easier to blend with the other colors and with the skin when I will finish the design.

a woman wearing an outline of the elsa face paint design

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Step 2: The Background

Materials: Pearl White by TAG, Junior Blue Henry, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green — all by Superstar and a yellow sponge.

I first apply the lightest blue, and then I finish off the background with the other two darker blue colors, sponging lightly the edge between the colors to make a soft between them. Then I apply a couple of touches of pearly white to bring more glow and vibrancy into the background.

a woman wearing an outline of the elsa face paint design with a blue background
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Step 3: Elsa’s Braid

Materials: Ivory, bright yellow, yellow — all by Superstar and a small flat brush

The easiest way to paint the hair strands in the braid is to use a small flat (or filbert) brush. To add volume to the hair I work with normal yellow and then I add some finishing touches with a bright yellow color.

a woman with a elsa face paint design. elsas face is not detailed and the stars are not painted yet.

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Step 4: Add Snowflakes to Spice Up My Frozen Face Paint

Materials: Diva and BAMS stencils with snowflakes

To add more frozen, winter spirit into Elsa makeup design I decorate it with snowflakes! A stencil will work the best for this purpose. I chose Diva and BAMS because I needed a different size and style of the snowflakes.

Notice that I positioned the biggest snowflakes above and decreased their size moving down to the bottom of the design. I made it for a purpose! ;) Because of the center of the composition in this design is located on the forehead, while the bottom and size parts serve as decorations.

a woman with a elsa face paint design. elsas face is not detailed.
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Step 5: The Most Important Part of Elsa Face Paint

Materials: Pecan, Ziva Shimmer and Bubblegum — all by Superstar

Now this is the most difficult part of this design! That’s why when you paint it, you have to be very gentle and focused. And second — try to paint this face on a paper or on any other flat surface for a couple of times until you learn the shapes and can reproduce it in the face painting quite fast.

I chose brown to paint the facial features and you’ll also see in the next step that I decided to use it for the outline.

I chose this color for two reasons: 1. if I make any mistake it is much easier to erase than black and 2. it makes the design look lighter, more delicate, more feminine and make this Elsa face paint more realistic.

a woman wearing an undetailed elsa face paint

Step 6: Frozen Makeup Contour

Materials: Black and Brownie — both by Superstar and a Loew-Cornell round brush #1

I prefer to use my finest brush to outline the facial features of my characters, that’s why I getting back to my #1 round brush! I work with Black only on the eyes because I want them to stand out from this design, while for the rest I use a dark brown color.

Phew! Elsa is ready! Now I can exhale!

a woman with a compleated elsa face paint design on her forehead
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Step 7: Swirly Decorations and Highlights

Materials: Petrol Blue by Superstar, Diamond FX White and Loew-Cornell round brush #2

I felt that the opposition to the braid side needed some swirly decorations for balance, so I decided to add a couple of swirls and teardrops on my left cheekbone. Then I added some highlights with white to the braid.

a woman with a finished elsa face paint design on her forehead

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Step 8: Glitter and Lipstick to Complete Your Elsa Makeup

Materials: Blue Monday Pixie Paint, translucent cosmetic glitter, lipstick

It’s time to add the finishing touches! I added translucent glitter to the snowflakes and some chunky glitter by Pixie Paint called Blue Monday right between my eyes and extended it a bit in an angular shape on the bridge of the nose to tie it better with the focal points. This chunky glitter reminds me of the glowing Elsa’s dress! Does it to you too? ;)

And last, but not least — the lipstick on my lips and I’m ready to take fabulous pictures!

For more information about glitter types, check out our Bling Blog: The scoop on the sparkliest trends in face painting and Part Two: Glitter shopping guide and additional festival offerings articles.

a woman with a compleated elsa face paint design

A side view. :)

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a woman with an elsa face paint design

And the other side. ;)

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a woman with a finished elsa face paint design

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And show me your Elsa! I’d love to see your attempts on this design!

 — Elodie Ternois

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