Easy Minnie Mouse Step-by-Step Tutorial by NataliSta

NataliSta — 29 September 2023 —

A simple and cute Minnie Mouse face paint design that will be loved by every girl. Follow along to the end to get the best professional results with all our top tips and those special finishing touches.

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Step 1: The bow

I start to draw Minnie with a bow. I place it in the middle of the child’s forehead. Its upper part should be larger than the lower part. For the bow, I use a pink split cake to achieve easy shading and dimension (you can use any split cake you want) and a flat brush for split cake #8 (3/4). I paint the light color of the brush outside and round the lines to make the bow look more voluminous.

a girl with a detailed pink bow painted on her face

To fill in the middle of the bow, if it’s left empty, I use the dark side of the same brush.

a girl with a pink bow painted on her face
Tip: New to split cakes and one-stroke? You can learn all about this time-saving technique in the One Stroke Face Painting Revolution: How to Nail It! When you try it, you’ll wish you tried it sooner!

Step 2: Outlining and contour

For this step I use a round brush #1 and a black paint of creamy consistency. I circle the bow and form the outline of the Minnie Mouse ears.

Put a dot between the eyebrows and at the same level on the sides of the eyebrows to know where the lines will end (see a scheme at the end).

I draw round ears just below the bow.

a girl with a detailed pink bow and minnie mouse ears outline painted on her face
Tip: I’ve used Focal Point Theory to choose where the lines will start and end. This is important to achieving a beautiful design on the face. You can learn more about it and even more in Secret Tips to Obtain Flawless Designs in Face Painting.

Step 3: Filling in the ears

Using a filbert brush #8 well loaded in black paint, I fill in the shape of the ears.
With the same brush, I draw the oval nose of Minnie Mouse.

a girl with a detailed pink bow and minnie mouse ears painted on her face

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Step 4: Eyelashes

If you have an older girl, you can draw eyeliner. For this I use liner brush #1, black creamy paint and draw the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye, press in the middle for a thicker line and then bring back into a thin line to end in a sharp tip. The end of the eyeliner should point towards the end of the eyebrow. From the middle of the eyeliner I bring out two more lashes.

If you have a little girl, you can draw three eyelashes near the outer corner of the eye.

a girl with her eyes closed wearing a compleated minnie mouse face paint design

It’s always great to have variations for teen clients! Our second Minnie Mouse step-by-step tutorial is an adorable mask design. It’s great for any age, and sure to be a favorite for the women and teens that love Disney but may want something more elegant!

Step 5: Highlighting

Next step I will draw dots on the bow. For this, I use a round brush #2 (you can use any round brush), well loaded with white paint. I place the dots at the same distance from each other.

With the same brush and colour, I add highlights on the top of the ears and nose. If the black paint still shows through, repeat this step twice, reloading the brush with white paint very well.

a girl with a compleated minnie mouse face paint design

If your white reactivates the black underneath and turns grey, the problem is your paint consistency! How to Activate and Use Face Paints Correctly will help you nail paint activation so you can paint clean face paint designs like this!

Step 6: Cheeks and lips

For the last step, I add pink cheeks and lips to our Minnie Mouse. For this, I use pearl pink paint (it is a glycerin-based paint, so it will be easy to layer and blend to achieve a subtle look) and a round sponge (mine has a smoothed edge). If you don’t have a round sponge, you can paint with the convex (rounded) side of a half sponge.

I want to get soft pink cheeks without a clear edge. So I load the sponge with paint of semi-dry consistency. If the paint on your sponge is too wet, dab the sponge several times on your hand or a dry napkin. With circular and slightly tapping movements of the sponge, I draw Minnie’s round cheeks.

For the lips I use the same colour and the flower brush #6. You can use any round brush (#5,6) or filbert brush for this. You can also use disposable applicators if you’re OTJ for an easy sanitary option. Pearl paints are perfect for lips, they apply very easily and have a nice shine.

a girl with a completed cute minnie mouse face paint design

The scheme of design.

a girl with a cute minnie mouse face paint design with arrows pointing to focal points

Our Minnie Mouse is finished!

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a girl with a finished cute minnie mouse face paint design applying lipstick

I hope this tutorial will be useful for you.
If you have any questions you can contact me on my Instagram @natalistabodyart.
Also, you can tag me in your post, I will be happy to see your recreation of this design.
Happy painting!

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 — NataliSta

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