Beginner’s Guide to Snowman Face Painting

Snowman face paint tutorial
Kristin Olsson — 13 December 2018 —

Cheek art is perfect for kids with bangs or who don’t want their whole face painted! As you may have noticed already, I am a great fan of designs that can be scaled up or down in details depending on how much time you have.

A key to painting fast designs that look impressive and striking is to make sure you don’t paint it too small.

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Materials used:

Step 1: The One Stroke

For the first step one use one stroke and paint a curved line that comes to a point near the center focal point between the eyes. I use this style of one stroke base for a lot of my cheek art designs.

This line will be a good base in order to achieve balance for the rest of the design and help to pull it all together.

a boy with blue lines painted around his left eye
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Step 2: Snowman Face Paint Main Shape

Next, I move on to painting the main shape of the snowman. I use a ½ angled brush for this — I load it in white and then dip the tip of it in a light blue color in order to give the snowman a bit more dimension.

As you can see, I don’t paint the whole snowman — only about half of it. The reason why I do this is so that when I move on to paint the details on the snowman they will be a lot easier to paint as they won´t be so tiny.

The fact that the snowman is bigger will make it the main focal point of the design and the design will have more of a “wow”-factor than if you painted it very small.

a boy with blue lines painted around his left eye and a base of the snowman

Step 3: The Snowman Outfit

For the hat and the scarf, I load my angled ½ brush with a light and a dark blue color.

As you can see, I keep the darkest blue color facing towards the head of the snowman — this mimics the direction of the light as it would be in real life, and voila — you have created a design that already has a 3-dimensional feel!

a boy with blue lines painted around his left eye and a base of the snowman with a scarf and a hat
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Step 4: The Decorations

For the next step, I added some stenciled details. In this case, I use stars and snowflakes, and I have also used a cloud stencil to create the illusion that the snowman is buried in snow.

If you have a long line, you can paint some white dots in different sizes with your round brush to create the illusion that it is snowing, which will also give a great effect!

a boy with an undetailed snowman with a scarf and a hat with added stars to the design

Step 5: Snowman Makeup Final Touches

I then move on to paint an orange carrot nose and the black details on the snowman. You can leave the snowman makeup like this and you have a super cool wintery design!

a boy with a completed snowman face paint design
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Step 6: The Funky Addition

…but this snowman face paint here was a bit cheeky and wanted to have a snowball fight! 😜

I also added some white highlights/details and some shading around the stars for this snowman makeup optional step.

If you only want to add a few snowballs that will look great even without the rest of the details. Happy painting!

a smiling boy with a completed snowman face paint design

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Let’s spread more smiles this Christmas season and make as many children happy as we can! 😍

 — Kristin Olsson

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