Expert Guide to Learning Face Painting

Learn the basics of face painting with our step-by-step tutorials that cover everything from the best materials to proper techniques.

Jen Hague — 19 June 2024

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Face Painter

Face painting is a unique craft! It’s where we can combine a love for creativity and transformation with the joy of bringing happiness to others. Could there be a better job?…

Olga Murasev — 06 September 2023

Top 10 Techniques for Amazing Face Painting

Have you ever wondered what differentiates outstanding designs and… all the rest? How are painters achieving polished designs OTJ even when they’re working fast? Solid fundamentals and good technique. Doing the little…

Kelli Cowart — 22 November 2022

Thanksgiving Day Face Painting Ideas and Tutorials

Pass the green bean casserole and add whipped cream to the pumpkin pie! Thanksgiving is here, and we have much to be thankful for this year. Thanksgiving evolved to be a…

Kelli Zermeño — 09 August 2020

One Stroke Face Painting: Techniques and Tips

While the technique of double loading color on a paintbrush has been done for centuries on pottery, furniture, and canvas alike… we can thank American acrylic paint artist Donna Dewberry for popularizing…

Kelli Zermeño — 18 February 2020

Celebrating 3 Years of the International Face Painting School

It’s been another exciting and successful 12 months in this 3rd year of the International Face Painting School. We’ve teamed up with new instructors, hosted the FIRST online face painting Summit and…

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