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Lela Trock — 23 August 2023

8 Must-Learn Designs for Halloween Face Painting

Halloween is the time for creativity to take a spooky twist, and for face painters, it’s the busiest season of the year. But what is the best combo of designs to offer? Well, this is our MUST-HAVE list of ideas. What makes these the best for a small Halloween menu? Their versatility! In this collection,…

Shawna Fae — 18 August 2023

Cute Monkey Step-By-Step Face Painting Tutorial by Shawna Fae

Now you can say YES to monkey face paint when it’s requested! There are some requests that face painters just say no to. For many, monkeys don’t turn out well, often because the flesh tones aren’t being used to their best advantage. Better to say no to a tricky request than do a terrible job…

Lela Trock, Olga Murasev — 17 August 2023

Popular Animal Face Paint Ideas Guide

Animal face paint is a wonderful and popular option for boys and girls of any age. A rough n’ tough dad may want a bloody shark attack, while a teenage girl may go for a tropical beach scene with a sea turtle. Animal designs appeal to kids, teens, and adults, and they’ll never be out…

Lela Trock — 16 August 2023

10 Essential SFX Tools for Halloween Face Painting

As the crisp autumn air descends, the world of face painting embraces a thrilling metamorphosis. Halloween isn’t just a holiday — it’s a canvas for artistic expression that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural. For the seasoned face painters who see Halloween as a prime opportunity to showcase their skills, we present a…

Simona Rad — 31 July 2023

Best Zebra Step-by-Step Tutorial by Simona Rad

Congratulations on finding a zebra face paint design that looks great without requiring a child’s whole nose and mouth to be painted in black. Though the coloring is simple, zebras are not a no-brainer design. When executed poorly, they can be very messy and even downright terrifying when big black snouts are painted on children…

Wies Facepainting — 21 July 2023

Flowers face painting Step-by-Step Tutorial by Wies Facepainting

Are you one of the many face painters who struggles with one-stroke flowers and floral compositions? Flowers are too popular, and frankly too pretty, to leave off your menu entirely… But what if your one-stroke flower face paint needs help? You come to the Face Painting School, of course! Follow this easy step-by-step carefully, and…

Lela Trock, Rosie Lieberman — 12 July 2023

One Stroke Rose: Step-by-Step with a ‘How-to’ Video

While there are many ways to paint a one-stroke rose, this tutorial by Rosie Lieberman will teach a method that is adaptable enough to produce roses of any size! Starting with the central bud, the rose builds out petal by petal to whatever size you desire. And all you need is one angled brush and…

Lela Trock — 11 June 2023

Easy and Elegant Rainbow Face Paint Tutorial by Elodie Ternois

While this design may be fast, it is amazing how well it captures the elegance and essence of a rainbow. We will guide you through the process of achieving a stunning look that is perfect for kids, teens, adults, and even speed painting. It’s perfect for beginners and those with small kits too! Let’s dive…

Lela Trock — 07 June 2023

The One Word That Will Change How You View Your Competition

Quick Navigation Bar Are other face painters taking your business? Rise above the competition once and for all! How can you use a union to your advantage?…

Wies Facepainting — 09 April 2023

Fast Cheetah Step by Step Tutorial by Wies Facepainting

If you’re here because this cute cheetah caught your eye, I want to tell you a secret — you aren’t the only one who will think so! This simple and cute cheetah design for all wild-cat-loving kids will delight your clients too! Read through the steps to catch the tips and tricks that make this…

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