How to Paint a Fox Face Easily

a girl with a completed fox face paint design
Simona Rad — 06 December 2023 —

Fox face paint has quickly become one of the most-requested animals, and with this design in your repertoire you’ll definitely stay busy painting these fancy foxes!

Simona is a fantastic teacher who takes advanced techniques and explains them so that even beginners can follow along with great success!

You can get the most out of this tutorial and level up your face painting techniques by checking out all the helpful tips along the way.

Let’s get started!

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Materials used:

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Step 1

Sketch. Using a No. 3 round brush loaded with white or a makeup brown pencil, we will sketch out the entire design, ensuring it follows the focal points and the model’s facial structure.

It’s easier to establish the complete outline initially, as any eventual disproportions can be corrected more quickly and easily. After practising this design multiple times, you can eventually omit the sketching step.

a girl with a white outline of a fox face pace paint design
Tip: New to focal point theory? This is the key to our Secret tips to obtain a flawless design in face painting!

Step 2

Base I. We load our sponge with glycerin white and apply paint to create ear triangles above each eyebrow, positioning them towards the outer half of the eyebrow.

Proceed to cover half of each eyelid, focusing on the inner corners of the eyes. This area of glycerin white will help us tremendously to obtain a beautiful blending once we add the orange layer of colour.

Finally, we will use the remaining dry consistency paint on the sponge to establish a faded outline on the model’s cheeks, beneath the sketch line. This will serve as an elegant and subtle foundation for the fox’s white fur.

a girl with a slighltly filled white outline of a fox face pace paint design

Step 3

Base II. We will take a clean sponge, load it with light orange on one side and a darker orange on the other.

We will begin by applying the light orange around the white of the eyelids, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. Extend this light orange hue towards the tip of the nose as well.

Next, we switch the sponge and add the darker orange to specific areas: the outer corners of the eyelids, above the inner eyebrows for the fox’s ears, and under the eyes. Be cautious not to surpass the sketch line.

Helpful tip: No need to worry about covering the tip of the fox’s ears with orange, as they’ll be painted black in a later step.

Extra suggestion: For added vibrancy, consider incorporating a touch of neon orange. Keep in mind that this enhancement tends to be more prominent in real life than on camera. The choice to use neon is entirely yours.

a girl with a fully orange filled outline of a fox face pace paint design

Step 4

One Stroke Outline. Using the homemade split cake or a similar one, we will outline the whole fox face. During this step, make sure all design elements flow towards the focal points. The ends of the ears should gently curve in an ‘S’ shape, as if pulled towards the top-of-head focal point.

The eyebrow lines should connect with the outer corners of the eyes, extending into a stroke like eyeliner that goes through the inner corners of the eyes, aiming for a sharp endpoint oriented towards the nose.

The jagged line outlining the fox’s orange cheek fur should direct its peaks towards the chin focal point, hugging the model’s cheeks. Enhance the outer part of the fox’s ears with an interrupted series of one-stroke segments. This textural detail will really come to life once we add the white strokes of fur extending from the ears.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry, you can fill the ear tips with the darker colours from the split cake and stop right here. Enough details are present for a comprehensive design, and the colours already harmonise to create a visibly appealing result.
a girl with a fox face pace paint design now with a hard dark outline
Tip: One-stroke painting has taken the face painting world by storm! Learn more about this wonderful time-saving technique in “One Stroke face painting revolution: How to Nail it!”.

Step 5

White Details. Now for the most enjoyable part, we will load our liner brush with white paint of an inky consistency.

Our focus will be on creating swift yet precise strokes to illustrate the fox’s white fur. This technique is known as ‘gestural brushwork,’ involving quick, deliberate, and controlled movements to craft expressive and detailed brushstrokes.

The white fur should be present in the ears, being careful not to cover the clean, one-stroke jagged line. Imagine the white fur as a layer underneath this line.

Additionally, the fur should extend from under the fox’s cheeks, creating the effect of fur emerging from beneath the orange coat.

Tip: To achieve a more realistic effect, vary the direction of a small portion of the white fur strokes. If they all align too neatly, the result may appear overly uniform or orchestrated. However, remember to maintain the overall orientation of the white fur towards the highlighted focal points.

a girl with an almost finished fox face paint design

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Step 6

Black Details. In our final step, if time permits, we’ll enhance the black lines. A round brush no.3 will help us achieve perfect lines, whether they need to be thinner or bolder.

The most noticeable improvement will be on the ears – their tips should be boldly black. This creates a striking contrast and enriches the orange in our design.

Apart from this, apply the black lines wherever necessary, whether it’s to correct a mistake or to make a distinct line or detail from the fur’s jagged line more visible. Don’t forget the fox’s nose!

Helpful Tip: Capture a picture of your design and examine it as a whole! You might notice small areas that you can immediately improve, which you wouldn’t have otherwise observed.

a girl posing for a photo with a fox face paint design

And we are done! Congratulations on creating your captivating face painting fox design! This design isn’t just a one-time masterpiece; it’s a versatile foundation that you can adapt to your unique preferences and use to showcase your evolving artistic journey.

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Keep practicing, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep having fun with your newfound face painting skills. Remember, the true beauty lies not just in the finished artwork, but in the joy of the creative process itself. Happy painting!

a girl with a fox face paint with arrows pointing to focal points

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And remember, if you decide to join in the fun and give this fantastic design a try, don’t hesitate to tag me. I’d be thrilled to witness your creations!

You can contact me/tag me on Instagram: @radsimona17

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