Cute Minnie Mouse Mask Step-by-Step Tutorial by NataliSta

NataliSta — 27 December 2023 —

This simple and delicate Minnie Mouse mask design will be great for kids of many ages and even adults!

Minnie Mouse has been a treasured character for many generations, and having a design suitable to fans of all ages will make you memorable at your events!

Let’s get started.

Product used:

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Step 1: Shadows on the eyes

Since all girls love eye shadow, I’ll start from there.

I use a sponge loaded with pink split cake for this. I’ve loaded the side of a petal sponge, just at the tip (see image).

Apply the sponge to the eyelid so that the light color is in the inner corner of the eye. I make tapping movements of the sponge to transfer the paint, while forming a nice ending directed to the eyebrow (you can use wet wipe for this).

Repeat this step with the other eyelid, loading another sponge with the split cake or using the same sponge but turn it upside down to keep the light color in the inner corner of the eyes.

Alternatively, you can load a sponge separately in each color and place them layer by layer, blending the transitions between them.

Or, you could load a petal sponge on the large flat side with a rainbow cake and apply the color over the whole eyelid area, and then refine the shape with a wet wipe.

Tip: Wondering how to get such a vibrant color with your paints? Brand matters! Check out our Guide to the Best Face Paints to find out which face paint brands will give you the best results in all your designs!

Step 2: The bow

Before drawing the head, I create a bow. Since the head will be placed in the center of the forehead, I draw a bow above the center, leaving free space for the head.

For the bow I use the angle brush no.12 loaded with my pink split cake.

Another option is to use any round brush and any single pink color. I paint the upper part of the bow bigger than the lower part.

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Step 3: The Minnie’s head and mask

To create Minnie’s head you can either draw it by hand or use a stencil if you have one. I will draw it by hand.

Using a round brush no. 2 well loaded with black paint, I outline the bow, then create the contour of the head and fill it in. The tops of the ears shouldn’t be higher than the largest point of the bow.

With the same brush and paint, I use reverse teardrops to create the mask shape. Check the tip below for details on how to paint a reverse teardrop!

First I paint eyeliner and eyelashes. You can skip this step if you have a young model.

Next, I draw reverse teardrop lines directing them from the outer corner of the eye up to the eyebrow and top focal points. I make each teardrop smaller than the one before for a nice flow.

I add a heart in the middle. And next I draw a curl and reverse teardrops directed down to the cheek and chin focal points.

Last, I paint reverse teardrops starting from the bottom of Minnie’s head and directing outward toward the eyebrow focal points.

Tip: How to paint reverse teardrops:
Change the pressure on your brush to create a teardrop line. Start with the tip of the brush, then gradually increase the pressure on the bristles to create a wider line. Finally, press the bristles the most while keeping the brush perpendicular to the surface of the skin for a nice teardrop finish.

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Step 4: Flowers

To add adornments to this design I paint a flower and petals using the double dip technique (detailed instruction below). I place the flower in the central focal point under Minnie’s head.

Next, I paint trailing petals upward and outward from the flower, following the teardrops we painted earlier.

I also add petals in the inner corners of the eyes and just below the eyes starting from the outer focal point and following the flow of the curl we painted earlier. Point the petals towards the focal points to get nice flow.

Tip: How to paint flower in Double Dip Technique:
  1. Load the brush well in a white wax-based face paint. For the flowers in this technique I use a flower brush no.6 or round brush no.5 or no.6.
  2. Lightly wipe the end of the brush on a sponge or wet wipe.
  3. Load the end of the bristle with pre-activated magenta paint. (Activating your second color with another brush in advance will give you a more vibrant and rich center color for your petals.)
  4. Place the brush strictly vertically to the surface of the skin.
  5. Then press the brush so that 2/3 of its bristles lie on the skin, while still holding the brush vertically.
  6. To make the petal wider (double), make the same movement next to it without leaving a free space or even slightly stepping on the previous petal.
  7. There is one double petal!
  8. Leave a little space between the first double petal and the next. Then create the same petals, keeping the end of the brush in the center of the flower. Paint 4-5 such wide petals.
  9. Using any round brush no.1, no.2, or no.3 loaded with white paint, create the center of the flower by dotting. Voilà! Your double dip flower is complete!


Tip: Check out “Tools for Perfect Double Dip” on our blog to learn even more about this incredible technique! The full article includes a helpful brush comparison, color combo recommendations, and more!

Step 5: Highlights

The last step is highlights.

With a round brush no.2 well loaded with white, I add the middle of the flower by dotting.

Also I paint several dots near petals, add dots on the bow and add highlights on the top of the Minnie’s ears and head.

In this step I paint the lips of my model. You can use any pink color for this.

I prefer pearl colors because they can be gently applied and they are shiny.

Additional Notes:

This Minnie Mouse design is finished!

I hope this tutorial has been useful for you.

If you have any questions you can contact me on my Instagram @natalistabodyart. Also you can tag me in your post! I will be happy to see your recreation of this design.

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 — NataliSta

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