Ghost Spider Face Paint Tutorial by Simona Rad

Simona Rad — 01 December 2023 —

If you’re a seasoned painter, you’ve probably done hundreds of Spider Girl variations, but have you met the new popular female Spiderman character Ghost Spider?

Ghost is the Spider Girl from Spidey and His Amazing Friends, and her outfit features a teal coloured spider and a white mask. No spiderweb on her face but she wears a spider hood – white on the outside and pink with teal spiderweb on the inside. (See image below)

It’s a fun look, for sure, and in this tutorial you’ll learn a cute design that’s true to the character without being boring.

Let’s get started!


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Materials used:

If you don’t know about waxy and glycerin-based paints, you might think it’s odd that we have 2 white paints for this design… But trust me that if you don’t have both types, you won’t get the same bright white highlights and soft white base.

You can learn all about why every Pro face painter should have 2 types of white in our “Face Paint Buying Guide!”
Face Painting Supplies Buying Guide

Step 1

White base. We load our petal sponge with the glycerin white and create the classic Spider-Man eyes shape on the eyelids with a small peak above the eyebrow. These shapes will be placed at a 45° angle and will go no further down than the outer corners of the eyes.

Then, use the full petal sponge shape to and a fan motion to paint the forehead in white as well. Notice how the forehead doesn’t go any higher than the eye areas.

Also, don’t worry about the gap between the white forehead and eye areas because we’ll fill this in when we outline.

Step 2

Pink blush. While the white on the sponge is of a dusty consistency, we add a tiny bit of light pink on our sponge and create a faded pink background zone under the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 3

Pink outline. Using a slightly big round brush with a sharp tip, we will outline the white eye shapes in dark pink! We are using a larger round brush so we can do this step with only a few brush strokes!

Each eye outline is in fact made out of 2 large teardrops that connect at the top of the eye shape. The outer teardrops will point toward the top focal point and end in a thin tip at the outer corner of the eye.

The inner teardrops will end at a thin tip at the inner corner of the eye.

Tip: This outline shape is the same one we use in a traditional Spiderman as well! You can learn the matching Spiderman design by Milena Potekhina here.

Step 4

Teal spider centerpiece. For the tiny spider you can load a smaller round brush with teal and paint the spider by hand or you can stencil in the tiny spider with vertical front legs from the OOH C19 stencil with a teal loaded finger dauber.

If you use the stencil, be sure to extend the spider’s legs with 8 tiny teardrops using a no. 2 round brush. This simple step will make the spider look like the Spiderman logo!

Step 5

Spiderwebs on the cheeks. With the very same round no. 2 brush and teal paint, paint 3 teardrops on each cheek.

Notice that these teardrops all come together at the focal point at the outer corner of the eye for a neat finished look that flatters the face! Connect them in a simple spider web.

Not following the focal point talk? We teach this concept in-depth in our Professional training as it is essential to creating great face painting designs! You can get a feel for the basics in Secret tips to obtain a flawless design in face painting.

Step 6

Highlights. If there is time, you can also add highlights to this design! Ghost design asks for a touch of highlights – it brightens up the entire face! I added them to the top of the white areas of the forehead and eye areas as well as on the teal teardrops.

Tip: If you struggle to layer white over other colors, you may not be achieving the creamy consistency that is key to great white linework! In our FREE Linework Workshop, you can master the creamy consistency and improve your linework strokes in just 3 days! Sign up today. 😍

Step 7 (optional)

Paint the lips and add a touch of glitter, then you’re ready to go!

Spidey and Ghost Spider have another Amazing Friend, Spin! You may have heard of him as Miles Morales or even “the Black Spider-man”. He’s certainly a favorite, and the red webs on black background can be a challenge…. But the solution is here for you in our Spin Face Paint Tutorial by Simona Rad!

Additional Info for a flawless design:

We hope you like these easy, fast, but high quality designs! Before you set a timer on your speed, practice this design until you have the steps memorized.

How long something takes to paint the first time is never a good indicator of how fast it can be on-the-job after you’ve rehearsed it!

This step-by-step visual can help you remember the steps as you practice!

Before you know it, you’ll be painting this in record time during an event! And because these Ghost spider, Spin, and Spiderman designs share similar elements, they will all get faster the more you do any of them. Now, that’s a speed win!

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to ask. Should you choose to dive into the excitement and experiment with this amazing design, feel free to tag me. I’m excited to see the unique creations you come up with! You can contact me/tag me on Instagram: @radsimona17

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 — Simona Rad

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