Easy Bunny Face Paint for Beginners

Shawna Fae Thomas — 04 March 2021 —

Bunny designs are highly requested during Easter time and here is a fun, colorful take on a traditional bunny.

If necessary this design could be done very fast, just painted on the forehead with a light outline and a quick flower in the center.

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Step 1: Painting the Base Color

Using Superstar Lilac and a medium filbert brush, I create the muzzle area making it round and extending it just passed my smile lines. As I build the shape up toward the forehead I am making it a bit more narrow.

Now the ears can be painted and I am making sure they are curved at a 45 angle pointing toward the inner corner focal points. There should be a small amount of paint left on the brush which is perfect for dry brushing some wispy fur in between and underneath the ears.

a girl with a base of a bunny face paint on her

Step 2: Sponging on the Rainbow Cake

First I lightly sponged TAG Neon Coral on the cheeks for blush, blending it out with the back of the sponge.

Next, I’m using a Jest Paint Splash Sponge and TAG Fairy Floss to fill in the eye area and the center of the ears. I like to load the rainbow cake onto the long, sharp edge of the sponge and work on that sharp edge for precision.

If a little of this paint gets on the purple base it can easily be cleaned up with a little more purple from the brush used for the base. Immediately after applying the paint, I will add glitter, I’m using my finger for precise application.

a girl with a base of a bunny face paint and gradient eye shadow and filled bunny ears
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Step 3: Triple Dip Flowers and Double Dip Leaves

Now I will paint the flowers and leaves using double dip techniques. I load my Flora Flat Brush very well with Wolfe White, Tag Light Blue and Mehron Wild Orchid.

Starting from the central focal point I paint a flower made up of 3 double petals, one petal on the bottom pointing toward the focal point and the other two petals on top.

To create a double petal I am making one petal, picking my brush up while pivoting slightly and making a second petal. This technique can be found within the extensive double dip module in the school curriculum! I also add one single petal on either side of the flower.

I am using the same flora flat brush and working mostly on the tip of the brush to make the leaves small and whimsical. A flat flora brush is great for this as you can achieve sharp leaves by using the skinny side of the brush.

Using Global Lime Green and Dark Green I’m making a cluster of round leaves on either side of the flower petals, and I’m making sure that the leaves taper out on the ends.

This provides a good composition with the biggest element in the center and smaller elements on the sides.

For the clusters under the eyes, I made smaller double petals and pointed leaves, accentuating the eye-corner-nostril line by bringing it up slightly.

Step 4: Painting the Highlights, Nose and Lips

Next, with the Paint Pal Little Drop brush, I will paint an elongated heart shape for the nose and fill in the sides of the lips with the pink out of the Fairy Floss cake. I used a brush on my lips but if you’re painting a client using a Q-tip is best.

I’m now painting the highlights with Mehron White, which will provide a soft highlight, as opposed to using a waxy white which would give a bright highlight.

Painting the highlights now will help to map out the linework and a strong highlight can be added on top of this later.

I also used this white to paint the bunny’s teeth, keeping the teeth on the bottom lip to make sure they aren’t too big for this cute bunny, a Q-tip can be used for this as well.

I’m also using the pretty yellow color from the Fairy Floss cake for dots. I’m doing a cluster of varied dots in the center of the flowers and around the flowers. These dots serve as a small element in the flower cluster and add flow toward the focal points.

a girl with an almost compleated bunny face painting on her face

Love the spring rainbow colors in this design? Fairies are another great place to incorporate rainbows and flowers! You can learn to create this stunning design in the Magical Fairy tutorial by Simona Rad.

Step 5: Outlining The Design

Now it’s time to paint a thin outline around the whole design. I’m using Global Purple and Bolt BrushRound #1 for this. The eyebrows are almost covered in paint so I wanted to outline the eyes by painting a rounded line from the inner corner to the outer corners.

I’m keeping the line right under the eyebrows to help lift the eyes. Now the muzzle can be outlined and connected to the line that frames the eye.

I finish off the outline with the ears and also very lightly line only the bottoms of the flowers and some of the leaves. I also outline the bottom of the nose and from that create the “split lip” look using a reverse teardrop and flicking the brush out to create a small triangle shape from the bottom of that teardrop.

The dots for the Muzzle start large and get smaller, pointing toward the center of the split lip line.

a girl with a compleated bunny face paint desing over her face

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Step 6: Final Details

Now for the finishing touches! I added thin whiskers using my #1 bolt brush and Wolfe white. I also used the rest of the paint on my brush from the whiskers to add some brighter highlights to the ears and fur.

The rest of the details are optional but if you have time they will bring this design to the next level!

With a finger dauber and Wolfe white, I am sponging BAM stencil #1035 in the middle of the ears.

Chunky Glitter can be used to quickly add colorful dots. In this design, I’ve added a small amount around the flower clusters.

I also used a small blending brush, moistened with a baby wipe to shade the line work on the ears just a bit. This can be a wonderful way to fix any linework mistakes that could have been made and of course add more depth to the design.

a smiling girl with a compleated bunny face paint desing over her face
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Additional explanations:

a smiling girl with a compleated bunny face paint on her


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 — Shawna Fae Thomas

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