Sugar Skull Face Paint Step-by-Step Tutorial by Elodie Ternois

Sugar Skull Face Paint Step-by-Step Tutorial by Elodie Ternois
Elodie Ternois — 12 October 2018 —

What do you think you are going to be asked to paint Dia De Los Muertos season?

That’s right! Many, maaaaany sugar skull face paint!

Also called Catrina or Day of the Dead face paint mask, this design is a hit every single year!

Not the skull design you were looking for? Be sure to see our skeleton skull face paint tutorial.

Check out the exquisite tutorial that was prepared by our School certified instructor Elodie Ternois and impress your clients this season!

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Materials used:

  • Background:
    – sponge
    – white by Kryolan mixed with orange 009 by Superstar, for a translucent and natural effect
    – a mix of bubblegum and cyclamen by Superstar
    – leaves: poison green by Superstar, Loew Cornell round brush #4
  • Eyes and nose:
    – regular black tag, Loew Cornell round brush #4. I put on black cyclamen Superstar
  • Linework black:
    – regular black tag, Loew Cornell flora brush #2
  • Linework white:
    – regular white by Tag, Loew Cornell round brush #2
  • Lipstick:
    – a mix of cyclamen and princess shimmer by Superstar

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Step 1: Add Color to the Sugar Skull Face Paint Background

Sponge the white and the colorful spots as the background of our sugar skull makeup.

Step 2: Shape the Eyes and the Nose

Outline your dia de los muertos face paint, fill in the eyes with black, and paint the nose hole.

Step 3: Add The Roses

Fill in the roses in your day of the dead face paint with tiger-lines. This technique can help you create stunning tribal-style roses in no time!

Linework is one of the essential techniques that have to be mastered by every single face painter.

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Step 4: Add Teardrops, Swirls and Curls to Our Dia De Los Muertos Face Paint

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Step 5: And More Delicate Lines, Teardrops and Swirls…

Notice that the mouth corner connects with the top tip of the ear in the side view of my dia de los muertos face paint? This is one tricks to make your sugar skull makeup blend perfectly into the facial features.

Step 6: Add Highlights to Complete Your Day of the Dead Face Paint

Add bright highlights with waxy white and to make the design stand out even more!

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We hope you enjoyed this amazing step-by-step sugar skull face paint by Elodie Ternois!

Now share this post with your friends so you’re all set up and ready to create this day of the dead face paint before the party! 👇👇👇

 — Elodie Ternois

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