Talking Tom Hero Dash — Step by Step by Ginnett Vargas

Ginnett Vargas — 09 July 2020 —

Do you struggle with creativity?

Is it your dream to be able to create stunning original designs?

Well… We all have to start somewhere. 😉

Learn how one of our talented honor graduates was able to turn things around and started creating her own designs. Check out our new tutorial, prepared by our lovely Ginnett Vargas.

To create my own designs, that was one of my main goals when I subscribed to the International Face Painting School, as I struggle with creativity and finding my own style. My dream is to become an International instructor for Spanish speaking face painters and a source of inspiration for others.

I wanted my first design to be something meaningful to me, so I decided to go for a hero that my son likes: Talking Tom Hero Dash. Also, not being a well-known superhero gave me the chance to try an original design. This was a perfect choice!

Because I found no face paintings for this theme, I looked for reference photos, which have helped me create the design on my practice board. If you have no idea of which character I’m talking about, here’s a little help:

I didn’t like the full-face design, so I decided to do it as a mask instead. I received a lot of valuable feedback, with information on how to improve my design, make it look better and more appealing.

The support and feedback I received from the Elite course made me feel more confident.

I’ve learned how to develop my creativity and artistic skills; now I know what to do in order to create vibrant, more appealing designs. I’m just starting a new stage in my career, and I have to thank the International Face Painting School for helping me get there. ❤️

Ginnett Vargas



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Step 1: Mask shape

I used red and a filbert brush to create the shape of the mask, keeping it close to the outer corners of the eyes and below the eyebrows.

Step 2: Adding Depth to the Mask

I’ve added depth to the mask by sponging some plum around the edges.

Step 3: Adding elements to the Mask

Using a round #3 brush, I have created two thunder shapes on the edges of the mask, using a combination of regular and neon yellow.

Step 4: Closing the mask and creating the eyebrows

Using a round #3 brush and some red, I have closed the shape of the mask by painting a small rectangular shape on each side, after the thunders. With a small filbert brush and some white, I have painted the eyebrows.

Step 5: Cat Shape

With a filbert brush and some grey, I have painted a cat-like shape around the mask and used a round #4 brush and pink to do the inside of the cat´s ears.

Step 6: Create some highlights and shades

Using a sponge loaded with a combination of light grey and white, I have placed some highlights on the forehead and nose. Then, with a dauber sponge and a darker grey, I placed a spot in the forehead and another in the cheekbone area.

For the inner part of the ears, using a round #2 brush, and a darker pink, I have painted a line on the top of the light pink and blended it with a dry brush.

Step 7: Outline

Using a round #1 brush, I have outlined the mask in plum, the outline of the cat shape in dark grey and light grey for the eyebrows.

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Step 8: Highlighting, more blending and stencilling

Using a round #1 brush, I have highlighted the ears, the mask and the cat shape in white. Then, using a dry blending brush, I have shaded the grey area of the ears and the thunder in the mask.

I have stenciled some dots to the mask, using a dauber and some neon orange, and to the cat shape, with a dauber and light grey. The nose was painted with the same tools and colors used on the ears.

Step 9: Final Outline

I have outlined the entire cat shape with a round #3 brush and a combination of regular and neon orange.

Talking Tom Face Paint Tutorial

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 — Ginnett Vargas

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