Easy Vampire Face Painting for Beginners

Vampire face paint Step-by-Step tutorial
Annabel Hoogeveen — 17 October 2018 —

Halloween is right across the corner! Our certified School instructor Annabel Hoogeveen prepared a new stunning tutorial for you to rock this season! Check out this amazing Halloween Vampire makeup design.

We hope that you will make dozens of kids happy with it in just a few weeks!

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It is possible to paint a nice Vampire, without painting a whole face green or grey ;-).

The inspiration for this vampire paint came from a few Vampire cartoon images I found on the internet.

My first idea was to paint an easy mask, containing the characteristics of my best-known vampire, Count Dracula. But that turned out to be rather difficult.

Combining the typical hairline with the cape and wings made it look like an owl rather than a vampire. And that’s not what I had in mind ;-).

So, like many times before, my plans had to change. From an easy vampire mask to a more elaborate, cartoony vampire look. I hope you like it!

Annabel Hoogeveen

Materials used:

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a child with contures of a vampire fape paint on his forehead

Step 1: Basic Shape of Easy Vampire Face Paint

Using a chisel brush paint the face using lilac paint diluted with a bit of white.

With the round edges of the chisel brush you can create the typical top shape of the face in just two strokes and with the side, it is easy to paint the ears.

Next paint the white triangle and fangs with a round brush.

With regular black paint the typical hairline, the collar and the top of the cape.

a child with detailed contures of a vampire fape paint on his forehead

Step 2: Add Cape, Bow, and Shadows to Your Halloween Vampire Face Paint

With pastel lilac and a chisel brush paint the base shape of the cape. (Later on, you can dry brush the black over the lilac or/and add a stencil to make it look more finished.)

Then, with a round brush #4 and the wild orchid mixed with the pastel lilac add darker shades on the cape and the sides of the face of our Halloween vampire face paint to give it more depth.

Next paint a small red bow in the white triangle.

a child with hard outlined contures of a vampire fape paint on his forehead
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Step 3: Adding Grey’ Hair and Black Outlines

Add the typical white/grey lines in the hair with a round brush #4 and regular white. Then draw an outline on the cape and the face of our vampire face paint. For the face, I used a round brush #3.

boy with a vampire face paint mask that now has a face, detailed hair and fangs

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Step 4: Dry Brushing and Small Details for Vampire Face Paint

After painting the outlines (and don’t forget the fangs, as I did at first ;-)) and the ‘claw’ on top of the ‘cape’, move on to painting all the other small details: eyes, ears, nose, mouth with fangs, bow and buttons.

If you want, create a smooth transition from black to lilac by dry brushing the black into the lilac with a chisel brush. Because the black is already dry, use a baby wipe to moisten your brush.

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boy with a compleated vampire face paint on his forehead and mouth

Step 5: Halloween Vampire Makeup Highlights and Details

Use a red pressed powder and a chisel brush to add some red color underneath the eyes. Add splatter with a stencil on the bottom and top of the cape. And if you want and there is space, add some bats too. With a watery red paint, add blood around the fangs.

Next, paint highlights where needed with a round brush #3 and regular white. While having white on your brush, accentuate the eyes and fangs of the little vampire with white.

6 images of a boy with a vampire face paint on his forehead and mouth
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Step 6: Adding Texture in the Cape

At the last moment of making an easy vampire face paint, I decided to add some texture over the dry brushing in the cape, because for me there was too much black. For this, I used a stencil and pastel lilac.

Additional Info:

There are a lot of optional steps in this design. You can easily skip some of them to make it a much quicker design, e.g.:

  • Skip the shadowing of the face and cape;
  • Paint the red bow, but don’t add the details to the bow and shirt;
  • And you can even leave the highlights, in case you are really in a hurry :-).
three images of a boy with a dark vampire face painting desing
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Placement is important. For me, the focal points are always very helpful in determining the best placement for a design on the face. Focussing on the features of the face and the different focal points will give you a well-balanced design, even when you are not the most experienced or skilled face painter ;-).

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Bonus Design Tutorial

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 — Annabel Hoogeveen

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