How to Create a Batman Mask with Face Paint

Wies Facepainting — 06 November 2023 —

Hello face painter, friend! You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to learn an impressive and unique design for….Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na BATMAN!

This tutorial will teach you how even with no skill at painting faces YOU can paint this fun character design on the job. It’s simpler than it looks, and if you follow along with the tips you’re sure to learn excellent skills you can apply to other designs you paint too.

Let’s get started!

Products Used:

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Using a half round sponge and a splitcake, I sponge in the background of this design. I want to attain a sunset look, and the pixie sunset rainbow cake is a great colour combination for this purpose.

Next, I stencil on some bats in black using a finger dauber and a homemade stencil I’ve cut out on my silhouette plotter.

I leave enough space to paint the Batman mask, so the bats are placed pretty high on the forehead. Using two different shapes of bats adds extra interest to the background as opposed to repeating the same bat.

a boy with gradient red to yellow face paint on his forehead and two bats painted
Tip: Understanding the five paint consistencies is essential to clean stenciling! Make sure when stenciling that your paint is very sticky, near dry. When your paint is too wet you will get nasty stains which will ruin your design.


Next I paint a heart shape with an ivory colour for Batman’s face.

Then I load my angled brush with my onestroke, darkest colour (dark blue/black) on the tip and I start by painting Batman’s ears. I start at the top and make sure the tips of the ears are pointing slightly inwards, actually pointing in the direction of the top focal point (on top of the head).

With the same brush and onestroke, I follow Batman’s face with the darkest colour right next to the face, enclosing it. I paint a sharp tip on the child’s nose, to set myself a guideline for the shape of the mask.

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Left and right of Batman’s face I paint two petal-like strokes, following a 45 degree angle line on the forehead. I hold the bottom of my brush on the skin and paint a round top with the tip of my brush, making sure the first bump is slightly bigger than the second one.

I continue to use a 45 degree angle as my guide to create the remaining top strokes of the mask. I am forming Batman’s billowing cape, always using the darkest color on the outer edges of the mask.

I flip my brush to outline the eye area, and paint the ‘evil eyebrow’ shape finishing in the outer corner of the eye.

Tip: For evil eyebrows, you can use the natural brow as a guide. Start the outline from the nose area underneath the natural brow and cut through the child’s brow at the mid-section to end the curve over the top of the natural brow.

The bottom of the mask ends on the cheek focal point and is connected to the tip on the nose with a nice curve. Again flip the brush and paint the inside of the mask underneath the eye.

Masks like this one are especially nice when a child doesn’t like to be painted on the eyelids making it suitable for sensitive children as well.

a boy looking at the camera with a compleated an uncomplete batman mask face paint
Tip: New to focal points? This is that magical “something” that makes a design stand out as better than all the others even if you don’t understand why. But you can understand it today by reading our Secret Tips to obtain a flawless design in face painting!


To create the illusion of Batman’s cape, I paint three long strokes going from the outer top corners of the mask down to the cheeks. End the strokes in sharp tips pointing toward the chin focal point.

Notice how the lines start thin at the mask, become thick, and then end in thin points. They’re also differing in size, with the middle one having the longest ‘tip’.

To create the highlights, I load my onestroke with the shimmering white color on the tip. Apply highlights on the mask, the bridge of the nose, the cape and Batman’s own mask.

boy with a batman mask face paint over his face
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To attain a more powerful and defined look, I paint white highlights on the corners of the mask, the bridge of the nose, and the mask of Batman and his cape. Any too bold white lines I smudge with my finger.

Also using white, I paint Batman’s eyes on top of the ivory. In the next step, we’re going to surround the white eyes with the rest of Batman’s mask.

Painting white on top of darker colours is a challenge. The white can become muddy instead of the bright white you want to attain, which is my main reason to paint Batman’s own mask in this order: ivory face, white eyes on top of the ivory and finally enclosing it with black as seen in the next step.

boy with a batman mask face paint over his face looking at the camera and smiling

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I finish Batman’s mask with black and also paint his mouth. You could paint cheeks/dimples as well, but usually there are kids waiting in line, so just painting a mouth like this is a very easy and quick way to mimic his expression.

I also define some of the black outlines in this step to polish the design and smooth it out a bit.

boy with a batman mask face paint over his face looking at the camera with his head slightly nodded

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FINAL STEP (optional):

The final step is adding some bright white stars and a bit of shadows. You can add shadows both on Batman’s face underneath his mask with a watery brown color and underneath the full mask you’ve painted on the child’s cheeks.

a boy looking at the camera with a compleated batman mask face paint
Tip: try to follow the focal points and important lines in the face when painting a design, and it will look much more balanced and pleasing. This can prove to be difficult in the beginning, because we tend to focus on other things like for example your line technique, but if you stick with it you will definitely get the hang of it.

The Face Painting School has extensive educational material explaining all this in detail. It has definitely made a big impact on my facepainting skills 🌸!

a boy with a compleated batman mask face paint with arrows showing what to pay attention to

Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to tag me in your pictures if you recreate this, I’d love to see it!

You can contact me/tag me on my Instagram: @wies_facepainting.

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