Spring-Inspired Flower Face Paint Ideas

Wies Facepainting — 21 July 2023 —

Are you one of the many face painters who struggles with one-stroke flowers and floral compositions? Flowers are too popular, and frankly too pretty, to leave off your menu entirely…

But what if your one-stroke flower face paint needs help? You come to the Face Painting School, of course!

Follow this easy step-by-step carefully, and practice the design a few times before your next event. Soon, you will be painting flowers you are proud of and that your clients are amazed by!

Materials Used:

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a woman looking at the camera with three circles on her face

Using an Aliyah round brush size 1 and pxp skin colour beige I mark the flower composition by painting the hearts of the three main flowers. This way I know where the flowers should go, how big they should be and in which direction they are pointing. Notice the placement of this design is around the eye/brow in a half moon shape and the middle of the design is the center flower.


a woman in the beginning stages of creating a flowers face painting on her face

Next I stencil the heart of the biggest flower in the middle by taking up a rich yellow colour on the finger dauber and dipping the edge in dark brown. Paint the hearts of the two flowers on either side with a small brush and the same yellow.

The leafs in the background of the design are stenciled with a Bam greenery stencil. I like to use a finger dauber for this and a Mag one-stroke, which is small enough to take up three colours at the same time.

It’s important to carefully place these leafs so they stick out underneath the flowers I’m painting over them.

Tip: Direct the leaves toward the facial focal points for a nicely balanced composition with flow. Are you ready to unlock the secret to a well-balanced face paint composition? Learn the face painting focal points now to achieve flawless designs!


woman looking to the side with flowers painted on her face
To create the illusion of depth in the middle flower, I paint two layers of petals on top of each other. First I take up the Mag one-stroke consisting of red and yellow for the bottom layer.

With the red at the tip (the darkest colour of the onestroke) of my Aliyah angled brush, I paint five petals using a zigzagging movement.

I let them dry carefully as I paint the daisy petals with a waxy white paint of a creamy consistency. For this I use teardrops in various sizes and directions.

Next up is a second layer of petals on the middle flower. For these I use a one-stroke consisting of red, yellow and white.

I load my brush with the lightest colour on the tip and paint 5 petals layered over the first making sure to partially overlap them but not too much, so the petals underneath stay visible.

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woman looking into the camera with three flowers painted on her faceTo give the flowers a more realistic look I take up my liner brush and starting from the heart of the middle flower paint very thin lines on the petals, directing them to the edges of the petals in an irregular manner.

The heart of the middle flower and the bottom parts of the hearts of the daisies I’m lining out with dark brown. I fade these lines a little bit with my small blending brush, to avoid harsh lines.


woman with her eyes wide open with three big flowers painted and more smaller flowers around them on her face
Last but not least I take my round brush number 3 and load it with a dark purple.

Using the same technique as you would when painting double dip flowers I press in a series of tiny flowers by pressing my brush out holding the tip in the middle.

In the same way I paint a series of tiny flowers of a lighter purple colour with a smaller round brush.

Tip: Depending on the time you have to paint this design, you can vary the level of detail to meet your needs. For instance: you could paint less of the tiny flowers, or skip the lining and shading of the flower hearts. If you have time, you could also add more details, like adding yellow dots to the tiny flowers.

woman looking at the camera with her flower face paint with various captions explaining why the flowers are positioned the way they are
If you’ve been painting along, you now have painted a beautiful, realistic flower composition!

And remember, as you practice these techniques and this design, you will paint it faster and faster. Realistic flowers can be a gorgeous OTJ design for you to offer your clients! The women are sure to love it.

Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to tag me in your pictures if you recreate this, I’d love to see it!

You can contact me/tag me on my Instagram: @wies_facepainting.

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