Unicorn Face Paint: Magical Design Ideas

Elodie Ternois, Lela Trock — 11 November 2023 —

Face painting is an opportunity to add a touch of magic to a child’s day, and this easy rainbow unicorn design is as magical as they come!

Our wonderful instructor and graduate, Elodie Ternois (affectionately named the Unicorn Queen of face painting), designed this unicorn at the beginning of her time as an instructor for us, and together we’re now sharing this beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial so that you can create this stunning design too.

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Step 1:

a woman with an basic outline of a unicorn face paint design on her

With a sponge, apply Superstar “Baby Pink” on the top of the cheekbone, the temple and the beginning of the forehead, and then finish along the jaw.

This is optional, but will add a beautiful shimmer blush to your model and make the unicorn stand out more on the face.

In the middle of the cheek, draw with your round brush #6 and white paint, a circle for the head, a square for the muzzle, and a triangle for the ear. For the neck, make an S shape starting from the top of the head.

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Step 2:

a woman with an filled white outline of a unicorn face paint design on her

With the same brush and Kryolan white or another glycerin-based white paint, fill the inside of the shapes and draw the horn.

With a ⅜” angular brush and a rainbow split cake, load the cool half of your rainbow cake colors (green, blue, and purple). Place the mane starting with these cold colors.

The top of the fringe points to the inner corner of the eye. Do the same for the mane placed below the muzzle.

Step 3:

a woman with a base of a white unicorn face paint with rainbow mane

With the same brush load the warm colors of the split cake (red/pink, orange, and yellow). The bottom of the fringe points to the chin. Use the same focal point for the mane placed below the muzzle.

Make sure that the green from your first strokes and yellow are next to each other to create the full rainbow.

The whole mane, on the left side of the Unicorn, follows the shape of the neck. It starts at the ear and ends after the neck. This creates that beautiful flow and movement within your design.

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Step 4:

a woman with a base of a white unicorn face paint with rainbow mane now with a hard outline

With the round brush liner 18/0 and black Diamond FX, draw the outlines of your unicorn.

Tip: For this step, take your time, don’t overload your brush, and test your load on your hand to avoid irregular blobs of paint in your outlining.

Step 5:

a woman with a almost completed unicorn face paint design

With the same brush, place the eye (round or oval) more or less in the center of the head. Add a little blush to your unicorn with the same “Baby Pink” Superstar color.

With a round brush #3 and Kryolan white, paint teardrops. For good flow, direct your teardrop clusters toward the facial focal points.

The teardrops at the top point to the center of the forehead and the teardrops from the bottom point point to the center of the chin.

Add some dots for details (you can also use stencils to add stars for example).

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Step 6:

a woman with a completed magical unicorn face paint design

With the brush liner and black, outline your teardrops (optional). With the same brush and Global white, add touches of light on the head and neck of the unicorn. The waxy white paint will show over the glycerin white base and create a lovely detail.

You’ve done it! Congratulations on your magical rainbow unicorn face paint! 🌈🦄

It’s time to take a nice photo for your book.
Choose a neutral color background (ideally white or black), beautiful lighting (ideally natural), and smile for the camera. ;)

When you post, be sure to tag us @facepaintingschool so we can celebrate your achievement with you. We’d love to see your artwork. 😍

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 — Elodie Ternois, Lela Trock

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