Best Halloween Face Paint Ideas 2024

Lela Trock — 23 August 2023 —

Halloween is the time for creativity to take a spooky twist, and for face painters, it’s the busiest season of the year. But what is the best combo of designs to offer? Well, this is our MUST-HAVE list of ideas.

What makes these the best for a small Halloween menu? Their versatility!

In this collection, you’ll find designs that will appeal everyone:

  • boys and girls,
  • kids and adults,
  • Halloween enthusiasts and tag-along friends too.

Best of all? You can learn any design you see here on our blog for free or in our Halloween Summits from this or previous years.

1. Spider Face Paint:

four images displaying different designs of a spider face paint

Spider face paint is a quick win for both boys and girls during Halloween. From adorable to spine-tingling! Add that extra touch of spookiness to your repertoire, and don’t be surprised if this is a popular design for you all year long.

2. Ghost Face Paint:

four images displaying different designs of a ghost face paint

Easy, versatile, and loved by everyone – ghost designs are a must-have for any quick Halloween menu. These spectral figures can be whipped up in no time, making them ideal for busy events. With these designs, you can make a lasting impression that will increase your bookings all year long!

Looking for more ways to increase your bookings? The next installment of this Halloween series is all about how to get hired! Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it:

3. Pumpkin Face Paint:

four images displaying different designs of a pumpkin face paint

Pumpkin designs are a must-have for any Halloween face paint menu! They can be spooky or cute, full face or cheek design, and if you dress them up with leaves and nature instead of haunting faces, they make a beautiful autumn design for adults.

Tip: Check out this pumpkin mask by Annabel Hoogeveen! Perfect for kids who don’t want paint on their eyelids.

4. Skull Face Paint:

four images displaying different designs of a skull face paint
Want to take it a step further? But if you’re craving an in-depth understanding of skull designs, Ilse Kuster’s class this summit will provide you with detailed insights and techniques. Her expertise in skulls and excellent teaching make her the perfect instructor for this important subject. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Skulls are a Halloween staple! They are spooky enough for adults without being too grizzly for children. One-stroke skull designs are a great way to add shading and dimension quickly!

Discover the magic of one-stroke skull designs in these two variations by Kristin Olsson: Flaming one-stroke Skull & Easy Skull Mask.

Looking for something a bit more elaborate?  Elodie’s Dead Easy skull, taking inspiration from Ronnie Mena’s style, is a fantastic tutorial on an impressive full-face option.

5. Cat Face Paint for Halloween:

four images displaying different designs of a cat face paint

Cats are a year-round favorite, and with a few Halloween-inspired tweaks, they become the stars of the season. Here are some fun Halloween versions of this top-requested design! Many of these can be adapted to arm designs, which is a fun way to include older children and those in masks.

6. Monster Face Paint:

four images displaying different designs of a monster face paint

Monsters are a playground for your imagination. From impressively spooky to hilariously funny, monsters are a versatile addition to your Halloween repertoire. Explore your creativity and craft creatures that will make everyone smile, shiver, or both!

7. Spooky Halloween Scenes Face Paint:

a banner showing four women with different halloween face painting designs

Appeal to an older audience with elegant Halloween-themed scene designs. Create spooky nighttime atmospheres with elements like moons and tombstones.

8. Halloween Twists on Popular Face Paint Favorites:

four images displaying different variations on popular designs

Put a Halloween twist on popular designs you already know and love. Unicorns, line work, butterflies, and flowers can all be transformed into enchanting Halloween variations.

Tip: The queen of unicorns, our wonderful graduate and instructor Elodie Ternois, is bringing unicorns back from the dead. Check out the full tutorial for this Zombie Unicorn face paint here.

Need more ideas? Our Halloween Summit from September 14th to 17th is the perfect platform to learn from the best face painters worldwide as they prepare for the spookiest season.

a banner with six people wearing halloween themed face paintings with a caption "Learn these designs and so much more"

‍ Are you ready to take your Halloween face painting skills to the next level? Private clients are how advanced artists are making more this season!

What’s next? This list is just the starting place for a small menu, but we’ve put together a complete collection of ideas for your Halloween face painting needs. You’ve got to check out the brand new Ultimate Halloween Face Painting Ideas Guide!
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 — Lela Trock

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