Introducing Our New Instructor, Rosie Lieberman

an image of Rosie Lieberman with a yellow rose face paint design on her
Kelli Zermeño — 23 June 2020 —


You may have noticed a new addition to our staff here at the School! We’d love to give a warm round of internet applause for the lovely and talented Rosie Lieberman.👏

The addition of Rosie’s expertise and talents to our team has given us a new capability… German-language instruction! Rosie is bilingual and will enable us to not only instruct our German students but an additional number of English-speaking students as well!

image of rosie lieberman wearing a nature face paint design and a child with a fox face paint design

Her quirky, fun style and her analytical skills are a welcome asset to the students she’ll usher through the cyber hallways of the School. She has a great knack for creating beautifully layered and textured designs. The intricate texturing she adds to so many of her designs is part of her signature style and shows the complex level of detail and skill she will be teaching to those under her charge.

We are so thrilled to welcome our German-speaking classmates and see the amazing talent you will have unlocked once you begin studying under Rosie’s guidance.

Rosie has such a sweet, bubbly and funny personality and despite her being an awesome painter already when she enrolled in the School, she was always very eager to learn even more. Her creative talent to think ‘out of the box’ combined with her analytical mind makes her in my opinion the perfect teacher!

Annabel Hoogeveen

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better addition to our family of instructors! Rosie is that unique personality that embodies an immense passion for the art of face painting, perfect skills, a very sharp, organized, yet incredibly creative mind, all along with a delightful sense of humor and lightness — each property being crucial in effective coaching. I am setting very high standards to my instructors and I must say I am feeling fully confident and happy for the students that will be guided by Rosie, as she will indeed make their journey into becoming professional face painters very fun and one of the best experiences in their lives!

Olga Murasev

Tip: You too can get the benefit of Rosie’s lessons, simply check out her first tutorial Cute and Easy Dog Face Paint.

How did you step into face painting? Tell us about your journey. At what point did you decide to make a career in the face and body art industry?

I was working as a veterinary surgeon in York, England, and knew I really hadn’t found my true calling. It was known that I was an artsy sort of person (I had sold watercolor paintings at local exhibitions and I was a semi-professional musician) and on the morning of the clinic’s opening day, my boss asked me to ‘man’ the face painting stall.

Actually, there was just a cup with water, one misshapen brush, a small palette of cheap face paints and 2 tiny chairs. With zero experience, but always up for a challenge… I agreed to do it.

I had the best afternoon at work I had ever had! Creating smiles and joy with a few quick flicks of the brush and a splash of color was a million miles away from squeezing the stinky ends of beloved pets and giving owners sad (or expensive) news.

Not to say the designs were any good. You could probably tell what they were supposed to be but they definitely weren’t going to win any best child-painted-as-a-sort-of-tiger competition. But that didn’t matter. I came away from that open day with a feeling that my world had somehow shifted slightly on its axis.

Rosie began practicing on her daughter at home!

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I immediately bought myself some Snazaroo paints and a paintbrush, with aspirations to do much more face painting. But it took another 5 years before I got the chance to paint again when my oldest daughter turned 3 and would finally let me paint her.

After that, I was unstoppable (with my one paintbrush!😂) and I painted everything that moved. Like a lot of face painters, I volunteered at school fêtes and friend’s birthday parties when the volunteers ran out at home.

But a move to Leipzig, Germany in 2013 with my young family meant that face painting had to take a back seat while we settled into our new life. I spent 2 years at language school in an attempt to understand my own children and become a useful part of the community.

But as soon as we arrived, I noticed that there wasn’t anybody around who offered a professional face painting service. That opportunity opened a door, and a plan formed in my head. Finally, in 2015 I bought some professional paints (and a few more brushes!) and Fine Lines Face and Body Art was born.

two images of Rosie Lieberman with a white tiger face paint and one with rabbit face paint design

How would you describe your artistic style in face painting? What designs do you love to paint? What is your signature style?

I love to paint anything that is beautiful or that makes me smile. Nature in all its forms is a constant inspiration to me. I also love playing with light and shade in realistic and 3D paintings.

I don’t feel I have a particular style, though apparently my work is often thought of as ‘quirky’. I’ll take that!

two images of Rosie Lieberman. one with a chick face paint and the other with a sheep face paint design

What has been your most exciting experience in face painting so far?

My funniest on-the-job experience so far (it was very exciting at the time!) was painting raccoon faces for 2 days for the people promoting the newly refurbished toilets at the main train station here in Leipzig (the mascot was a cartoon raccoon!).

My most exciting experience has just happened — becoming a tutor at the International Face Painting School! 🥳

Have you received any recognition or awards for face and body art?

Yes, I’ve had my work printed in ‘Q’ face painting magazine and won a couple of competitions as an active member of ITP (Inspiration to Paint).

When you were learning face painting, what did you struggle with most and how did you overcome your struggles?

When I first started I had no idea how to make beautiful lines or even load a sponge properly. Luckily for me, I found Lisa Joy Young’s YouTube videos. She explained very clearly and patiently all the basic techniques I needed — I’m so grateful to her! And of course, then I went on practicing and practicing.

two images of rosie lieberman, one with a cow face paint and obelix face paint on her

What is the most important thing you learned at the School?

By the time I joined the School I already had a fairly good command of a paintbrush, but I couldn’t explain why some of my designs looked quite good, and some were awkward-looking. Thanks to the excellent syllabus and clear direction I received from Olga and Annabel, I really learned how and why good design is constructed.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Who influences you artistically and why?

I am a huge art fan, visiting exhibitions whenever I can and musing over great works of art in books, trying to work out what makes them so good. I have used elements of great art I love in my designs (from Beatrix Potter water-colours to Klimt).

Another source of inspiration is my kids. My son loves to draw and paint and is really interested in face painting, though he doesn’t really like getting painted himself. He not only comes up with his own designs which are always very cute and inventive but he often thoughtfully comments on what he does and doesn’t like about mine. Some of his suggestions have actually made it to the final design!

a child face painting a practice sheet on the table
Rosie’s son painted along with her during the 2nd Online Summit for Face Painters. Looks like the next generation of face painters is already studying!

Who influences me? That is a difficult question. I am in awe of so many amazing artists at the moment in the face painting world, each with their own style. I guess I take elements from each of them and then do it my way! It would be a dream to meet anyone of them.

Why did you want to become an instructor for the School?

I enjoy teaching so much I jumped at the chance to join the school when Olga offered me the opportunity. I never even imagined I would ever have an opportunity like this. I’m really looking forward to getting to know my students individually, and to guide them through this wonderful course. I know I will learn a lot from them, too!

two images - one with a face paint of the cookie monster and the other with a face paint of an angelic creature with wings

How did you begin teaching face painting? How long have you been practicing as a face painting instructor?

Whilst painting on the job I had several inquiries from mums about where they could learn to face paint. I realized there was nobody in the area who was able to teach face painting and slowly it dawned on me that I could help them out.

I already had a few years’ experience of teaching music in England which I really enjoyed, so it wasn’t a daunting thought. A couple of years ago I started teaching courses at a local arts and crafts center, which I find really rewarding.

Tip: Follow Rosie on Instagram for lots of great SBS photo inspiration as well!

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone just getting started in face painting?

First, I would definitely recommend (from experience!) that you should buy professional-grade paints and brushes from a reputable face painting store right from the start. They are so much easier to use, which will immediately give you better results and which will keep you motivated to keep practicing.

Professional tools are essential for any serious artist. Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled the Face Painting Kits guide to help you shop for the best tools!

Secondly, join a Facebook group dedicated to helping people just starting out (like the Newbie Face Painter’s Help Group) who will keep you motivated, have lots of tips and tricks for you and answer any questions you might have. Oh, and check out the free classes on the School website about basic techniques.

Lastly, take plenty of photos of your work, even if you don’t think it’s perfect. It’s so helpful to look back at all the happy faces and you’ll also really notice the progress you have made!

two images of Rosie Lieberman. on the first she has a cow face paint and on the other she has a firefly face paint

Rosie’s talent and passion for teaching others how to paint fabulous faces has made her the perfect person to step into this role. We could not be more excited to add yet another amazing example of creative talent to the ever-growing line up of gifted instructors at the International Face Painting School. ❤️

 — Kelli Zermeño

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