Happy 5th Birthday to Our Face Painting School!

Kelli Zermeño — 01 March 2022 —


Bring out that tray of cupcakes and let’s light those candles! The International Face Painting School is celebrating its 5th birthday and we are so excited to invite you to celebrate with us! We are using our birthday wish to invigorate and pump even more life into our artistic community.

Though we’ve been a bit radio silent on the blog, make no mistake… classes at the School never stopped, and even during the uncertainty of the past 2 years, our students have trained with even higher intensity, investing in their future, new-normal careers.

an image of 5 lighted birthday candles

Be Our Guest

So what does one do when they celebrate 5 amazing years of success? They throw a party! Or a summit, in our case!

That’s right, fellow painters, we are ramping up for the 4th annual Online Face Painting Summit.

Creating an online convention has brought forth so many advantages, especially during the uncertainty of lockdowns and continual covid restrictions for many the past 2 years. Who knew back then, what a huge deal having the ability to engage in online classes would be?!

We’ve spent 3 years perfecting the art of the online “convention”, and you won’t even have to book airline tickets or change out of your pj’s. You probably should at some point… but we won’t tell!

Our Online Summit offers you the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the face painting industry all around the world without the hassle and stress of passports, hotels, and trying to stuff all your new purchases into your bulging suitcase and convince the stewardess that it IS carry-on sized, thank-you-very-much!

We knocked it out of the park with our 3rd Summit last spring, featuring classes with the likes of Acacia Clair Tanner, Myla Kotova, NataliSta, and so many more.

We learned how to paint fantastical unicorns and dragons, upgraded our adult eye designs, learned proper cosmetic glitter application, gorgeous floral techniques, how to run a professional face painting business… the list goes on and on.

We have seen an astonishing 5,000+ attendees come through the metaphorical doors of our Online Summits in just 3 short years and we are extremely grateful and humbled by the joys, laughs, and successes we get to share with each of you as attendees.

an image of a working table with coffe, a workbook, face pain and brushes on it
One of our newest School graduates, Svetlana Keller, participated in our last Summit! The queen of face painting guides loved using our workbook to help her get the most out of every class.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Beware and keep your eyeballs peeled for our 2nd Annual Halloween Online Summit returning this Fall. We had a blast perfecting all things scary and spooky with SFX artists like Myrthe Heydenrijk, Mandy Gibson, and Dandy Duran.

Gorgeous skulls, kawaii ghouls, spooky spider webs, horrifying effects… we covered it all. You will feel absolutely ghastly if you miss out on this year’s event.

Don’t miss out on the spooktakular lineup with the creepiest artists in the industry, coming again for the fall of 2022! Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

We’re like, famous and stuff!

We have even more exciting news to share with you all, and we absolutely must thank YOU, our loyal subscribers, and fellow artists.

The IntFPS official Youtube channel hit a huge milestone. We have officially hit the 100k subscriber mark and we are now the proud owners of a shiny silver 100k play button! >Insert Hallelujah chorus🙌🙌< We were so surprised and excited by this news! Our lion tutorial video alone has reached a whopping 13 million views! 😳 And only about a thousand of those views are from Olga’s parents. 😂

Help us celebrate this amazing achievement by continuing to subscribe, view and give our videos a thumbs up. We will, in turn, continue providing helpful tutorials to encourage and guide you to level up your skills as a professional artist.

an image of youtube plaque that the International Face Painting Scholl
Tip: Be sure to subscribe to the IntFPS YouTube channel for even more FREE instructional content!

Another achieved goal, that initially felt like an unreachable dream, was reaching the 1000 student mark in our online School. This landmark is not something we take lightly. This is a momentous accomplishment and we would like to personally thank you all for putting your trust and your precious time and hard-earned money into the International Face Painting School.

a banner with fireworks that says "We just hit 1000 students"

We have gone from a lofty idea between Olga and her team to becoming a legitimate course for professional artists. The cherry on top of this cake is that we are proud to announce that the School has even been featured on American news media outlets such as CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox! Talk about a dream coming to fruition!

a banner that says "As seen on cbs news, abc, nbc, fox"

A Positive Outlook for the Future

Wir haben Deutsch gelernt

So what does the future hold for the International Face Painting School? Well, after much diligent work by our amazing staff and instructors, we will soon be officially launching our German-language curriculum! This is a huge undertaking and we absolutely could not have done it alone!

This will put us officially at 5 languages for course instruction, including English, Spanish, French, Russian and German.

We were also able to get the German course professionally dubbed over so that you can hear the instruction just as you would in the English or Russian versions. We are blown away by the impact our instructors have had on the face painting industry. We feel like a bunch of proud momma birds. Fly away little birdie!

That’s right, German friends! We are here to serve you too! For more information on signing up for our German-language course, click here!

Time to Pony Up!

While we’re on the subject of new courses, we are delighted to announce that the most popular design in all of face painting is getting its very own course, with a very special instructor.

Everyone’s favorite unicorn queen, Elodie Ternois, has lent her talent for the fantastical to develop an entirely new course for the School!

She has worked diligently with Olga and our team to create an in-depth Unicorn Course that will ensure you will knock the frilly little socks off of every girl you paint. I can hear them all squealing with joy now!

You will learn, step-by-step, how to create a multitude of unicorns in a variety of poses and facial placements. No longer will you be stuck repainting the same unicorn design over and over and over and over… 30 times a day. That in and of itself is life-changing for many of us.

There is no more popular design for little girls than the unicorn. The ability to paint not only one style of unicorn, but a multitude of them will impress your clients and keep your work from getting stale. Elodie’s methods will ensure you will have a whole herd of unicorn designs to whip out. Don’t get left out, check out how you can benefit from our training too!

In With the New

As always, we are also updating the course with the latest techniques, products, and information on the market. The School is ever-evolving, and we are committed to ensuring that our students and graduates always have the best information and instruction at their fingertips. This has always been our guarantee to you! You will never be stuck with outdated information. Be sure to log in and check back in your course modules for updates!

Whether you’re a new artist like Jolanda, or a seasoned veteran like Svetlana… The instruction you will receive through the School will catapult your work to greater heights than ever before!

We have to brag on our amazing students for a moment! They have truly blown our minds with the level of progress they have been able to achieve with their dedication to studying at the School.

In 2021 alone, we educated and graduated through our program, a total of 73 students! Talk about making the most of a trying time. That brings our total number of graduates, since the inception of the school, to a whopping 520 professionally trained and accredited face painters.

No matter if you have previous experience in face painting or you’re starting from scratch. It’s not about inherent talent. It’s all about effort and consistency. Our team of instructors is committed to helping you reach your desired goals.

These artists are now fully equipped to not only operate in a highly professional capacity on their own but are fully trained, qualified, and capable to replicate what they’ve learned to help other artists as well.

We are elevating the art and profession of face painting, and in turn, ensuring that we can effectively raise the price and the standard for our industry. It makes me think of that saying “know better, do better”. When we are trained to create beautiful, timely art for people, we can confidently make a proper living wage doing it! That makes us happier than anything in the world!

a two images of a woman with a blue and pink roses face paint design on her
First submission and the final approved submission by student Patricia Chevalley.

We are so thrilled to finally be able to share all of this joyful news with you, and to continue connecting with you, our beloved students, followers and fellow artists.

The face painting industry took a hit, but we are coming back swinging and we are ready to stand beside you as you continue to grow as artists and entrepreneurs! We are here to bring joy, color, and laughter to the world! They need us now, more than ever.

 — Kelli Zermeño

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