Face Painting Conventions, Jams, and Awards

Face Painting Conventions, Jams and Awards
Yulia Morskaia — 29 June 2018 —


“An event” and “a party” for most of face painting artists sound like “another job” to get. However, we also can have our special fun events to relax, enjoy, chat and even learn. There are loads of them in the world: conventions, contests, awards, art and beauty days, festivals and even local jams happening every each or second year. Some of them are seasonal and other ones are occasional.

We would totally recommend attending these kinds of events as local, as nationwide. Each one has its own benefits.

About the author: Yulia Morskaia is a journalist, a marketing manager in London and a student at the International Face Painting School. Face Painting has been her work to enjoy for over 5 years.


The most valuable and the most expensive are workshops and master-classes from world’s face painting stars where you can always learn more even about basics in categories face and body paint, special FX, airbrush and henna. In addition, it’s always great to add a new certificate to your public profile and attract more clients.

Another essential knowledge you can get from professionals is how to run your business successfully. However, as speakers are usually busy you may have a list of your questions and no chance to get the desired answers.

As a bonus find out today “How to work fewer hours and earn more money” in face painting.

Artists and a model celebrate a win at the World Bodypainting Festival.


All that spirit of colors, art, music and creativity will take you up and release fresh view and unusual ideas. Even at your local jam you can get new technics, find out about a different type of line work and get to know new brands and inventions.

Impressing special FX at The Bodypaint City.


What a perfect way to meet up with your face painting pals and build a new partnership with colleagues, models, sellers and painting stars!

Once I met at a local jam two ladies who appeared to be working in my neighborhood area. At first, I was a bit disappointed to find such professional competitors, but now I call them my “life savers” for covering me when I booked by mistake two clients on one slot and when I was having to go on a last-minute trip but I had a booking and couldn’t let down my client.

Also, I have got some great gigs from them. We often save on delivery expenses when order supplies online together.

Just build rapport, set up prices and support network with other painters!


Touch my paints as you are a face painter! Touch, try, paint — most of the sellers would let you try their paints, brushes, glitter and other great stuff before you buy it. What a pleasure!

Take all your money with you as you would definitely find lots of new must-haves with good offers. 😍

Check our “The Great Face Paint Guide” to help you choose the right ones.


All these events are very practical. You can watch and try new techniques and instruments under control of professionals.


Join competitions and check your possibilities. You may positively surprise yourself and get popular as a talented artist.

Greetings of the finalists at The Living Art Show UK.

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Feel like a star showing your own specific way of painting Spider-Man or Elsa. Your experience could be essential, even for Olympic stars of the business. Especially if you know how to create your own original designs.

Belly Art models and artists at The Face and Body Painting Convention in Brazil.

Peeping is good there

You can finally get 20 ideas how to set up your table, where to store used sponges, how to keep your hands beautiful while working or just notice that everyone has some paint on fingers, and relax.

After Party at The Face Painting Convention.

Having fun

Just enjoy the colors, food, music, your inspiration, superstars in work, talented pals around and do all that you would do at a party where you are a special guest like have your cup of tea or glass of wine and use your right to attend WC whenever you want. 😀

Book the biggest or the nearest one, meet up with painty pals, earn new techniques, share ideas, do a bit of face painting shopping and have lots of fun!

Check the list of recent and oncoming Face Painting and Body Art Events in the world. I added some past events too to show you how many beautiful artworks have been done.


ABAA, Sydney and Melbourne


World Body Painting Festival


Jamvention — Face and Body Paint Jam


Convention of Artistic Entertainment

Costa Rica

Bopca Congress

Czech Republic

Body Art Czech Myths and Legends


Rencontre Bodypainting

Country Road Festival

French Bodypainting Awards

Painture Festival


Bodypainting Competition


Bodypainting Awards in Munich

Bodypainting Trophy in Leipzig


World Online Body Art Awards


Dublin Bodypainting Festival


Italian Bodypainting Festival

Special Makeup FX Event in Roma

Italian Body Art Jam


Body Art Festival


Baltic Beauty Week


International Congress of Artistic Makeup


EFABE, European Face and Body art Event

The North Netherlands Championship

Body Paint Jam Marvel Characters

Frysk Face & Body ART Festival

UV Experience Bodypaint Jam

New Zealand

Fabaconz, Face and Body art Convention


Moscow Body Art Festival

International Beauty Festival NEVSKIE BEREGA

Russian Body Art Festival

Festival in Vladivostok

Another Reality Festival in Tver

Body Art Festival in Ekaterinburg


Body Art Festival Serbia


Tenerife Bodypainting Festival


Swiss Bodypainting Awards


Phoenix, Body Art Festival

Ukrainian Body Painting Award

United Kingdom

Paradise Jam

The Living Art Show, Bodypainting Festival

The Face Painting Convention

Paintopia Festival

Body Craft Festival

Body Factory, The Eden Project, body painting event in Cornwall

Nar Then Jam by Yorkshire Facepaints

International Body Paint Project

Face Wham Bam Jam

Kent Face Painting Jam

The Prosthetics Event at Birmingham

London Fashion & Body Painting Show, ChabsUK, London

Oxford Face and Body Art JAN JAM

United States

FABAIC, Face and Body Art International Convention, Florida

FPBA, Face Painting and Body Art Convention, Missouri

Austin Convention for Entertainers, Texas

Kapital Kidvention, Entertainers’ Convention, Washington DC

East Coast Face Painting convention

New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild


Do you know any events to be added to the list? Are you excited to share your personal experience visiting Face Painting Conventions, Jams and Awards? Let us know. 👇👇👇

 — Yulia Morskaia

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