Annabel Hoogeveen’s Fancy One Eye Face Paint Designs

Fancy Eye Design by Annabel Hoogeveen
Annabel Hoogeveen, Kelli Zermeño — 06 July 2018 —

We’ve all had it happen. We’re busy working a gig, happily painting 6-year-old mermaids, and a teenage girl apprehensively sits in your chair. She wants to join in the fun but is far too sophisticated for a full-face kitty cat or butterfly. She asks you for… (cue dramatic music) something cool! 😬😳 What do you paint?!

The fancy eye design is hugely popular with this (and every) age group. Add this to your portfolio and you’ll quickly see an influx in older clientele. Enjoy!


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Step 1

For this eye design, I made a soft base with metallic white, light pink and neon orange on a sponge. To give it added interest, I added a light stencil pattern with purple.

Because I want this design to be feminine with an ‘open look’, I have to keep in mind that lines, teardrops or swirls coming from the outer corner of the eye are going upwards first, and never down.

The upper part of the design shouldn’t go beneath the line from nostril to the outer corner of the eye.

This helps the design to say well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

This base is extremely versatile and works well in other designs as well! Check out how a similar foundation can create a totally different design (perfect for little girls) in Annabel’s Unicorn face paint tutorial! These would make a great “Mommy and Me!” pairing for matching designs that will delight both mother and daughter.

Step 2

Keeping that invisible line in mind, I add a few one-stroke flower petals with a split cake (Silly Farm, Peaches N’ Cream Natalee Davies’ collection) and a ½ inch angle brush. Before the petals dry, I apply glitter on top of the petals (Silly Farm, Mama Clown’s Orange Burst).

Next, I add some simple double-dip flower petals using purple as my second color. I try to establish flow by giving all the small petals a direction pointing towards the central focal point (the upper petals) and chin focal points (the petals on the cheek).

If you find you are having a hard time with double dip petals, don’t worry! Our article “Tools for Perfect Double Dip Flowers 🌸” will have you cranking out perfect petals in no time!

Tip: There are such gorgeous products used in this fancy eye design! Use our “The Great Face Paint Shop Guide” to help you find everything you need.

Step 3

Now to add some linework. I am using the darkest color in the split cake I used for the one-stroke petals, and a round brush (Loew-Cornell #3).

Again, reminding myself to go immediately upwards from the outer corner of the eye, I paint a few swirls and teardrops. And because I have a teenage model, I am comfortable painting eyeliner on her eyelid as well.

Step 4

The final steps consist of adding some contrast to the small double dip flower petals by darkening the center with dark purple lines using a very thin round brush (Loew Cornell #1) and of course adding some white dots and stars (PartyXplosion – Snow white).

The color on the lips is a mixture of Metallic Illusion and Berry Shimmer (Superstar/FAB). Two very beautiful colors with soft texture, ideal for the lips.

In the middle of the lower lip, I added a little bit of paradise glitter (Pastel Lavender).

The nostril — eye corner line is just one principle from the multitude of helpful guidelines that are being studied at the International Face Painting School! This line is frequently used in face painting to enhance feminine eyes, and for designs like butterflies, floral designs, masks, felines, fairies and all sorts of designs placed around the eyes area.

That’s why we’ve even designed a new series of face templates that have the eyeliner on the face. When you enroll as a student of our School, you’ll have access to these and dozens of other free templates that will have you painting perfect designs in no time.

You will notice that the double dip clusters on the sides of my heart princess are following the nostril — eye corner line, just like the eyeliner in the kitty cat painted by School instructor Kristin Olsson.

Annabel, our newest School instructor, designed another floral butterfly piece that follows this rule on both sides of the face as well. You can spot that the outline of the top butterfly wing, as well as the floral cluster on the opposite side, are both following the nostril — eye corner line.

Tip: Don’t you love Annabel’s style?! We do too, I think you’ll also love this gorgeous “Creative Kitty Cat design” too!

Voilá! A beautiful, eye-catching design perfectly suited for older girls, adults and with a few modifications — even young girls.

Gorgeous as this design is, we’d LOVE to see your variations on it! Use this design as a template for creating your own version.

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The fancy eye design is hugely popular for older girls and women who want to get their face painted, but do not want an entire face full of paint.

Break out your kit! Show us your take on Annabel’s design below! 👇👇👇🎨🎨

 — Annabel Hoogeveen, Kelli Zermeño

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