Celebrating Our 2020 Face Painting School Graduates

a collage of students images with text in front of the collage that says
Luisa Santos, Olga Murasev — 19 December 2020 —


When the world was falling apart, and hundreds of face painters were losing their hope and motivation to polish their beloved craft, something extraordinary happened…

We all spoke about the contemporary heroes in masks, about doctors saving the lives of COVID patients. But let’s not forget that life loses its glitter when there is no joy in it.

When we lost the ability to deliver the joy of face painting to our little customers, and heavy leaded clouds of despair overshadowed our hearts, the heroes of the face painting industry showed up!

Because it is in the darkest nights that the stars shine brighter. ✨✨✨


This article is fully dedicated to the heroes of the face painting industry — and that includes our 2020 graduates.

They are ordinary people who have made themselves EXTRAORDINARY by deciding to make the best use of lockdowns and gigs cancelation and investing in themselves.

They have achieved even more than they have planned to, and they have become a tremendous inspiration for the entire face painting community.

Why did you decide to take this training?

This is one of the questions we have asked our graduates, in order to understand what has motivated them to enroll, why they were not happy with the skills they already had. This is what they have told us:

When I was learning how to face paint, copying other artist’s styles taught me so much but it was only taking me so far. I wanted to find my own style. I wanted to learn “why” a design worked, not just how to copy it. And I wanted to really focus on my technique.
There is no other training program or class that can match all that IntFPS has to offer. I knew that before enrolling and my opinion has only strengthened now that I’m through it.
Page Deulin-Brticevich (United States)

I decided to take the training because I didn’t develop anymore. I was doing ok but realized that, if I wanted to become better, I first had to go back to the basics. Due to the training but also by painting every day I found my progress was big.
Annet van Niehoff (Austria)

I hesitated to sign up for the School for a long time because I wasn’t a beginner face painter. But then, I’ve seen experienced artists improving their skills so much, I decided to give it a go.
The Elite course is great for personal improvement. The feedback of your coach is just for you and you can really improve yourself and find your own style. The diploma is not easy to get and you must deserve it.
Cecile Baeriswyl (Switzerland)

I decided to invest in myself by taking the training with Intfps as I knew I needed something structured and specific as I struggle to stay focussed and end up jumping from one thing to another without fully mastering anything. I worked two jobs so needed a program that was flexible to fit around my busy life.
Laurie Hume (United Kingdom)

This school was my dream. I found myself in the situation that I was good at face painting in Poland but I wanted to upgrade my skills more. I have been making face painting workshops in Poland and I wanted to give my students the best knowledge. I wanted to refresh it and it occurred that I knew a little.😉 I found out who is teaching at this school and I felt that this is the place to learn from the best, that is why I decided to do the Elite Course.
Monika Nyznyk (Poland)

I wanted to become professional, then I needed to have a face painting expertise to be more legitimate. When I discovered and explored the site facepaintingschool.com, I was amazed by the quality of the designs, WOW😍🤩! The progress shown through the before / after photos encouraged me, and immediately made me want to register, it was the first motivating trigger that met my needs to progress!
Celine Giniaux (France)

The challenging training that pushes you beyond your limits

Of course, I had ups and downs, but seeing the improvements in my designs gave me the motivation to reach my goal. I must admit that the guys in the group are so incredible that, sometimes, seeing their amazing work would leave me a little worried. 😉 But my dear tutors Olga and Kristin have been great support, always positive in their comments. Omg it took me ages to finish the last exam piece ! But what an incredible feeling when I finally did it! 🌺
Catherine Klay (Switzerland)

This has been my preoccupation and that constant niggling in the back of my mind for so long, it has been my worry and fear and determination and triumph through all of these paints that I really believed incapable of completing.
I have learnt so much from all your guidance and your support and I have also enjoyed the process of repainting and really trying to utilise the guidance given by you both. It has been both humbling for me and inspiring and even when this felt really tough I am grateful to you both for pushing me to get through it.
I will feel lost without this course, thank you both so much, I have been truly blessed and I love you both dearly for this experience.❤️
Dallas Phillips (United States)
We love to challenge our experienced students. The goal of these studies is not to make them a carbon copy of our instructors, but to find their own creative flow and unleash their own unique talent.
Oh my lord, I can’t believe it, thank you soooooo much! I never thought I would make it this far. It’s been a long and hard struggle for me, but you Kristin, have been amazing with all your priceless feedback and pointers!
Lena Thompson (United States)

Although I would get frustrated and thought they were quite hard on me at times, they pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me more determined to try harder, practice more and complete the course. Everyone needs a little push. A big thank you to both of them.
Laurie Hume (United Kingdom)

One thing that motivated me to stay on board, was thinking that I can accomplish something hard, that I could do it and to think that I’m not a quitter. But there was one other thing. My instructors Olga and Kristin made me feel like I was the only student out there, that I was unique, special and loved. They took the time with me, they showed me the way. I really thought they didn’t work with anybody else, only with me.
Ana Maria Hintermann-Villamil (Switzerland)

About tremendous improvements

The stories of our graduates are surely resembling the stories of so many face painters out there, people like you, reading this article. Because, if you think you will never be as good as they are, you’re wrong.

You ARE already creative and you already have it all inside of you for being an incredible face painter! All you need is some HELP TO REVEAL IT.

We at the School just happen to be the ones who can turn your life upside down and finally make you feel proud of your achievements! 😍

The School taught me to push myself and not just accept what looked good, but how I could make it the best. Just take my humminbird exam design, which improved tremendously from the first stage of submission to the approved piece.
Irene Melvin (United States)

Just a little example: when she started, Sweta knew very little about face painting, but she is quite driven and she went up like a rocket! Sweta is an incredibly talented, hard-working, mindful and creative woman and her improvement along the 1,5 years of studying at the School shows just that.

It was absolutely remarkable, turning her from a pure beginner into a very professional artist, as you can see from the before and after pictures below.

My face painting skills have improved 200%!
Janet Stephenson (United States)

Where did you find motivation to move on?

The biggest motivation was when I looked at the before and after pictures. Also the many positive feedbacks from family, friends, customers. In the beginning I had a real twofold feeling with the first designs. But when I finally understood how it works, and I passed one design after the other, that was motivation enough for me.
I was supported by my whole environment. Everyone wanted to see my progress. My husband gave me a kick in the butt when I got careless. And my 3 teachers Annabelle, you Olga and Rosie always challenged me even more when I was already satisfied thanks for making me grow beyond myself…
Nicole Buri-Tanner (Switzerland)
a before and after image showcasing the progress of one of our face painting school graduates
Progress evidence by Debbie Bayert.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how in the facebook IntFPS group the students support each other: The graduates help the beginners, the beginners among themselves etc… Everyone shares a common goal, to succeed in evolving and obtaining the diploma.
I have made a lot of meetings and forge links with people who have allowed me to hang on. My instructor was also there for me, supporting me and sending me caring notes whenever she felt I was falling out of track.
Today I am proud of my accomplishments and proud to see that there is a real community which endures even after opting for a diploma. Thank you Olga for everything you do for us!
Jessica Maelleya (France)

a before and after image of Maelleya Jessica's face painting progress of tiger face paints

a before and after image of Maelleya Jessica's face painting progress of unicorn face paints

This year provided unique challenges! The thing that kept me motivated was choosing to take the time to grow as an artist. I had days when I doubted my abilities and didn’t have the motivation, but the thought of achieving my diploma kept me going. Not every paint will be a masterpiece, but there is development with persistence and practice.
I admired the work of artists who graduated and decided to enroll in the IntFPS Elite course. The program is so complete. Having mentors give feedback was a wonderful way to progress. There is nothing else like it.
My husband, kids, and parents were supportive of my journey, as were my mentors. My mentors were encouraging and helped keep me focused. My daughter was my model for two of my final exams and was probably my biggest cheerleader.
Terry M Faith (United States)
Progress evidence by Janine Hess.


A School for face painters of any level

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

Although, completing the International Face Painting School made a win-win on both aspects. 😁

We always have a special respect for experienced artists that decide to join the School. While some may question “Why do you need it? You are so cool already!”, these artists know the answer — There is no limit to perfection.

And there is, indeed, no better place in this world, than the Elite Course, that can provide that individual approach to each student. Years of experience in coaching dozens of students have helped us always be able to find the right key for every student.

And if the student is ready, and committed, if there is enough consistency and determination, then incredible results can be achieved in no time!

This course is great for any skill level, if you’re new to face painting you’ll get a great foundation and learn so many necessary skills and techniques. Even an advanced face painter will gain new skills and really be able to polish and fine tune what you already might know.
Stacey Perry Richard (United States)

There is an incomparable feeling of reward in watching our beginner students develop their skills to a professional level thanks to this training. Starting from scratch, a well-thought program alongside mindful tutoring can make true miracles happen.

In the beginning, I didn’t think I could really learn all of the techniques and designs. The realistic tiger or the T-Rex, pirate skull, the realistic leopard or 3D designs … I didn’t think I could ever paint these designs!
Now I am incredibly proud that I have finished school, even as an honor student! Dear Olga, dear Annabel, I thank you both so much that you have guided and supported me through the entire course! You have told me so many times that I can do better and have given me the help I needed.
Steffi Leopold (Germany)

I highly recommend this school for both beginners and those who already work in this sector because surely when you finish the path you are no longer like when you started it!!!
Claudia PassePartout Peperone (Italy)

I was an absolute beginner face painter when I started the course, and can now (upon graduating) confidently call myself a professional, highly-skilled face painter.
This course teaches you everything you need to know. If you’re looking for a structured way to learn face painting, this is it!
I am going to miss it actually, but luckily the School keeps providing new (and free!) webinars by top artists for all students of the school. There are a million things more I can applaud about the School!
Sweta Buckens (Netherlands)

And what about the financial side?

However, enrolling was a big investment. The payment plan was the only way I could swing it. But soon I realized that all I needed was to book one extra event a month to cover the payments.
Inadvertently, because my homework created so much content for my page, I was able to draw more clients and book more events. In the end, I got my return on investment right away.
Page Deulin-Brticevich (United States)
This course was worth every cent and much more!
Emanueli Tananashi (Japan)
Before and after by Celine Gineaux.
There are a million things more I can applaud about the school. Never ever regretted it, and by the way, I earned back the course costs in half a year.
Sweta Buckens (Netherlands)
I was looking forward to doing so much more with larger events; however COVID came into play so it has come to a temporary halt. No worries here, I already have a business plan, a new logo and new advertisement when things come back and I feel confident that what I’ve learned will not only put joy and a smile on someone’s face but ensure my clients are 100% satisfied, and retention maintained throughout the years.
Irene B Melvin (United States)
Before and after by Mariana Sisca.

More achievements and open doors

The sky’s the limit! Training at the International Face Painting School is not only helping our graduates acquire the skills they aspired to have, but it also gives them a lot more, like the confidence to open new doors.

From getting published in newspapers, winning competitions, becoming the world’s youngest certified face painter… to joining the league of the world’s top notch instructors.

Here are just some of the opportunities our graduates have been presented with.

Free Online Workshop - Improve Your Linework in 3 Days
Tip: Get a taste of our individual feedback option. Register for this free workshop and get one-on-one advice on your work from Olga herself.


Rosie Lieberman from Germany seriously impressed Olga with her painting skills and cleverness, which lead her to join our team of IntFPS certified instructors.

Tip: If you are curious to find out more about Rosie’s story of success, check it out here.


Anna Maria Hintermann-Villamil from Switzerland was published in a local newspaper.

At the age of 13 (!!!) Emanueli Tananashi from Japan completed her training on the Elite Course and became the world’s youngest International Face Painting School graduate. And not only did she complete this comprehensive training (challenging for many adults and experienced face painters), she has done it magnificently!

The biggest achievement I had this year was that I was a Finalist in the Local Business Awards in my area for 2 categories! Sole Operator of the Year and Business Person of the Year! While I didn’t win, the achievement of even reaching the finals, competing against well-established businesses (not face painting, but general) was amazing, especially considering that I hadn’t really been able to operate since covid began. I also got an article in the local paper about it and even did a shout out to the School!
Megan Patterson (Australia)

After I graduated from the School I participated in a few competitions and got 1st or 2nd place, I had my work published in Wet Paint Magazine and was featured as an inspirational member of the month on the Newbie Face Painters Help Group.
Mariana Sisca (United Kingdom)

Ursula Otsing from Estonia became one of the instructors on the 1st Online Summit for Face Painters, the world’s biggest convention for face painters.

Ginnett Vargas from Panama was one of the instructors who created designs and step-by-steps for our Haunts and Heroes Halloween Course and she has also worked alongside not notch instructors Olga Murasev, Elodie Ternois and Pam Kinneberg in creating a brand new course for beginner face painters — the Beginner Course.

Running the risk of sounding immodest, I have to tell you that there is one sentence we are constantly getting in our reviews, and that is:

Joining the Elite Course was the best decision I have ever made.

What many of our graduates initially thought to be just another feature they may want to acquire, an extra bonus to gain some more credibility in the eyes of their clients, has actually turned out to be their life-changing decision.

The Elite course was the best decision I have ever made! The course was intense, but what I learned was above and beyond my expectations.
Terry M Faith (United States)
It was the best investment for my business I could ever do. With the new skills and confidence I’ve gained, I’ve also invested in myself. The benefits far outweigh the commitment.
Page Deulin-Brticevich (United States)
At first my thought off the school was “blabla yeah whatever”, but then I came in contact with several students and we talked a lot about the School and I decided to give it a chance. And BOY! That was the best decision in my painting life ever!
Sandy Willems-Rosette (Belgium)
The investment you put into the International Face Painting School will change your life. This school is amazing. Working with some of the best instructors and artists in the world! You can’t go wrong with choosing to invest in the school.
Megan Patterson (Australia)
Wow, this was the best decision ever, I learned sooo much from the amazing Annabel and Olga. I’m super happy with my achievements and can recommend the school and the elite course to everyone.
Janine Hess (Switzerland)
Going to Elite was a real game changer! How I love and adore the three instructors I had! Annabel, Olga and Rosie you will remain in my heart forever.
Irene B Melvin (United States)
Joining the Elite program was the smartest decision of my face painting career.
Mariana Sisca (United Kingdom)

a big collage of international face painting school graduates of 2020

We could go on and on and write novels about the achievements of our graduates. These ladies have developed a passion for learning and they never ceased to grow. They have been the ordinary people that made themselves extraordinary.

And you can do it too! Don’t wait until it’s too late, Take a Class Today!

International Face Painting School List of 2020 Graduates

  • Rosie Lieberman
  • Mariana Sisca
  • Pana Debetaz
  • Mari Ruiz
  • Claudia Giordano (Passepartout)
  • Cordula Brandmeier
  • Sweta Buckens
  • Julia Makarova
  • Stéphanie Chatelet
  • Megan Patterson
  • Melinda McCarhty
  • Sylvie Ghidalia
  • Belinda Wurmitzer
  • Sabine Lorünser
  • Nicole Choveaux
  • Jessica Maelleya Verrier
  • Ursula Otsing
  • Diana Eastman
  • Mary Cazeaux
  • Marilyne Jacquemoud
  • Annet van Niehoff
  • Corine Bolay (Fattaz)
  • Steffi Leopold
  • Janine Hess
  • Olga Iris Killian
  • Ginnett Vargas
  • Céline Giniaux
  • Stacey Perry
  • Monika Nyżnyk
  • Fanny Clain
  • Laura Garza Guajardo
  • Catherine Klay
  • Ana María Hintermann-Villamil
  • Debbie Beyaert
  • Sandy Willems
  • Lena Thomson
  • Sil Guerrero
  • Irene Melvin
  • Mariel Romero Martinez
  • Nathalie Alfred
  • Emanueli Mendonca Muniz Tanahashi
  • Nicole Buri
  • Cecile Baeriswyl
  • Marta Żochowska
  • Janet Stephenson
  • Dallas Phillips
  • Terry M Faith
  • Page Deulin-Brticevich
  • Fanny Gontier
  • Laurie Hume
  • Emma Munro
  • Bethany Hurst

Are you motivated to start learning? Check our Curriculum for more information! 😘

 — Luisa Santos, Olga Murasev

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