Our Face Painting School Turns One: A Year in Review

The School is Turning One!
Kelli Zermeño, Olga Murasev — 02 February 2018 —


Break out the champagne! 🍾 Throw the confetti! 🎊 We are celebrating one year of amazing success and growth for the International Face Painting School. What started out as a vision in founder, Olga Murasev’s mind has become a training ground for future talent and a family of painty people!

Some may call our business frivolous, silly. And you know what… it IS! Sometimes in the midst of too much seriousness, too much drama, too much negativity in the world, you need a little frivolity! It is our job, our duty, and privilege to bring smiles and squeals of joy to both children and adults. It’s a silly job, but somebody HAS to do it! The world needs beauty and color and laughter and we are the smile-makers, folks! What a beautiful thing.

a celebratory design that states "happy birthday"

A word from Olga:

I actually thought of this online Course initially as more of a guide, some kind of an encyclopedia containing the most comprehensive information and a multitude of practical tasks that could help one to become a professional face painter. But this project has become something much greater — it is a true School! Students that enroll in the School are getting so much more than just complete education in face painting.

This is a place where the fundamentals of an innovative, professional and friendly community of face painters are set. Here, we become part of a big, supportive family! Here we fill in our lives with aesthetics and art, we charge each other with positive energy, gain confidence in our skills, make friends, open new horizons and achieve new high peaks of success!

Olga Murasev

The School has really proven its name in every way. It has become a truly international community, welcoming students from all over the world! This provides such an amazing opportunity to learn techniques and culture from people in a vast array of cultures.

It is with great honor to announce that we are now offering high quality face painting studies to more than 300 students from 29 countries of the world!

Updates and Additions

The online Course represents a living system that is growing and evolving with us, and with our students. We have such amazing success due in part to the online family we’ve developed and the encouraging help you all provide each other. Could we ever dream for more? New ideas are generated, new projects are launched, new people are joining the team, our students are giving valuable feedback…

All of that helps the School to continuously improve, making this project the most comprehensive and useful tool for face painting training. And here’s the best part: once enrolled in our School, you will reap the benefits of every update and addition at no extra charge, for a lifetime!

Here are just a few of the additions we’ve made to the main course this past year:

  • new content in the Double Dip Module
  • a section about creating your own style butterfly
  • “breaking down mistakes” sections to Linework and Double Dip modules
  • more links to online shops with face paints and supplies
  • tips from clever students

Besides the comprehensive content, one of the greatest School benefits is our Private Online Group where students get to know each other, support each other, share useful tips and tricks and simply become friends. This is a community of artistic growth and confidence where you and your peers share the same passion. This is an invaluable asset to any artist!

«Face painting provided a tool for mission trips when my language skills failed me in foreign countries. Face painting has brought and continues to bring wonderful people into my life. With better skills, more doors can be opened to reach more people.»
Unnamed face painter

The Reviews Are In!

Industry leaders such as Nick Wolfe, Marcela Bustamante, Andrea DuBuc O’Donnell, Corey Morgan, Tanya Maslova and Arjhay De Leon Jr. were invited to check out the School curriculum and leave their reviews on it. Take a look at what they had to say!

Nick Wolfe review International Face Painting School

Marcela Bustamante review International Face Painting School
Click here to check out all the glowing reviews.

Plans for the Upcoming Year

There are so many exciting things coming around the corner for our treasured students!

Spanish and French Versions of the Online Course
You are talking, and we have been listening! As our enrollment is growing, so is our diversity! So, in order to offer you the best learning experience possible, we are preparing to launch both Spanish and French language versions of our School! Ooooh La La! This will afford even more artists the opportunity to take part in this innovative curriculum.

two boys - one with a spanish flag painted on his face and the other with a french flag painted on his face

Basic Online Course
We will also be offering a new light version of the main Course, specifically for beginners. It will contain basic theoretical information about tools, hygiene and setup. Plus practical lessons on some main techniques such as linework, one stroke and double dip, with a selection of 10 of the most popular designs presented just like they are in the main Course (video tutorials plus schemes and detailed explanations on each).

Basic Course - International Face Painting School

More Blog Posts
We will also continue providing relevant information in our blog to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, techniques and advice to help you stay ahead of the game. It is our goal to create a world-wide community of artists who are known and recognized in our industry!
We currently have over 5000 subscribers and the numbers are growing every day!

Topics like:

These are just a few of the articles we’ve written with the express purpose of showing you just how amazing your art can be with a little instruction.

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New Team Members
Meet Kristin Olsson! A talented face painter from Norway and a true artist! You’ve already seen her beautiful Northern Lights Butterfly and her fun step-by-step designs in our Blog. Kristin was the first graduate of the International Face Painting School and now embarks her role of Olga’s right hand lady and assistant. She has completed the instructor training, and is now ready to begin working as a tutor alongside Olga, which means that our students will now reap the benefit of twice the support and valuable feedback.

Kristin Olsson artwork

Our blog posts became fancier and even more pleasant to read thanks to our new blog author and student of our School, Kelli Zermeño. We can now cover more topics and present you the most relevant information in face painting due to Kelli’s help.

Kelli Zermeño artwork

Real life meeting with the students
A group of more than students from the School are making plans to meet up at the Annual EFABE convention this March in the Netherlands! If you have an opportunity to join in, we would love to see you there! We will have a private room reserved for students of the School, so if you plan to attend, please send us a message!

Face painting conventions are an amazing addition to the lessons you are learning at the School and they provide a great experience to learn from the leading professionals in the face and body art industry and congregate with people just like you. So if you’re looking to charge yourself with painty inspiration and motivation, that’s your chance to get it there!

More webinars
We have had amazing success with our webinars thus far! For those who may not be familiar with what a webinar is, let us explain. Our webinars are like a live online video chat with us! You will be able to see us and submit your questions and comments for us to answer in real time. It’s a great way to get those questions you’ve been dying to ask answered and a fun opportunity for us to get to know you all as well.

We’ve so far hosted four English and Russian language webinars for our students to have an opportunity to virtually interact with instructors. All these webinars are now part of the Course and can be rewatched at any time. And there are more coming up! We will soon announce the date and time of our next live webinar, so be sure to note any questions or ideas you might have and bring your notebook!

a confused grandma looking at a laptop with a caption saying "What the heck is a webinar?"

This is an exciting time that we are living in! We are so proud to be part of a new movement, a revolution in the face and body art industry!

Just think about it… only one year ago, artists just like you had no choice but to be primarily self-taught in their craft. Your feedback and involvement are making waves. You are helping to shape the future of the School and the industry as well. And we join you in expressing our deep love for this wonderful art of face painting! Because at the end of the day, there is nothing better than seeing the deep look of joy on a little child’s face when they look into the mirror and see the transformation that you have created for them.

Art is what my soul is made of. I found face painting as an outlet and have never looked back. It has become my passion. I am a mom who homeschools. Face painting has offered me the chance to have a career I can be passionate about and still have the ability and time to enrich my kids lives.

I want to grow, I want this to be a true career. I want to show my kids that they can follow a passion.

Future student of the School


Thank you all for being such an integral part of this amazing journey! This community, this family we’ve built… this is what it’s all about.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming article 👀 where we highlight the work of School students just like yourself! We’ll show some amazing before and after photos of their work (the improvements are astounding!) and post exclusive interviews with the artists and their own personal journey into the face painting business and what they experienced during their training at the School; as well as how their lives and careers have changed as a result!


What would you like to see for the future of the International Face Paint School? Drop us a comment or suggestion below! 👇👇👇

 — Kelli Zermeño, Olga Murasev

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