Celebrating 3 Years of the International Face Painting School

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Kelli Zermeño — 18 February 2020 —


It’s been another exciting and successful 12 months in this 3rd year of the International Face Painting School. We’ve teamed up with new instructors, hosted the FIRST online face painting Summit and grown even bigger and better than before!

Read on our achievements and for announcements on what 2020 holds for us!

It’s official! We’ve outgrown the wobbly, initial steps we took while bringing the vision of founder, Olga Murasev to life. Now we are paced and ready to run into 2020 with a slew of new updates, upgrades, and partnerships in our 3rd year.

We’re big kids now!

Let us start with a few statistics: With over 700 students, from 53 countries of the world, over the last three years, we’ve managed to certify more than 300 face painters!

These artists now own unique proof of their professionalism — a certificate of completion or a diploma of graduation. 🎓💪

We’ve released 85 free articles and guides, reaching to over 18 000 subscribers base! And we continue releasing more…

Want to find out more about how the Schools has changed the lives of our members? Then we highly recommend checking out The Payoff article.


French version launch

We are a global community of painters here, and with that in mind, we’ve added our newest expert instructor to our ever-growing roster. Along with her valuable skills and expertise, Elodie Ternois has broken another language barrier for us by becoming the School’s first French-language instructor! Also, we’ve fully translated all of our online courses into French. C’est Magnifique!

Curriculum updates

As our art form is ever-evolving, so shall the School and the content within our curriculum. Thus, by the end of 2019, we’ve made a slew of additional improvements to ensure you are getting the latest information and techniques in the business.

One of the most valuable facets of the School is that the entire curriculum is updated on a regular basis to reflect the changing techniques and tools that professional face painters employ to dazzle those adorable little faces.

You will NEVER be stuck with out-of-date information, and ALL students of the School will have access to every update forever.

The latest updates for 2020 include information on new professional brushes and brands, new face paint companies, reviews for new colored practice boards, as well as a new section about waterproof/resistant face paints and products.

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Tip: Want to know what the training at the International Face Painting School consists of? Take a class with us!

Face painting supplies guides

In addition to the Beginner’s and Professional’s face paint guides, we have added the new Face Painting Supplies Buying Guide to help you choose the right paints, brushes, and tools to make those hard-earned, glitter-encrusted dollars go as far as possible. You worked hard for that money! Make it work hard for you too!

a big banner with a caption "Face Painting Supplies Buying Guide: How to get the best value for your money!"

It is our job to keep you informed on all things face and body art. That’s why we’ve compiled six amazing guides to give you precise recommendations on the best tools! Anything you are looking for is covered here:

1st Online Summit for face painters

We’ve certainly made a big revolution with this new project! What was earlier available for a small bunch of face painters, became a global scale event available for any single face painter in the world!

The first of its kind, and certainly not the last! The first-ever Online Summit for face painters took place in November 2019 with an all-star cast featuring some of the hottest artists in the industry. Participants were treated to an amazing array of classes and giveaways at a $1000 value!

Twelve of the best world face painters and entrepreneurs created twelve incredible classes exclusively for the 1st Online Summit:

  • Olga Murasev — Eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows
  • Annabel Hoogeveen — Negative space in face painting
  • Kristin Olsson — One stroke leaves
  • Elodie Ternois — Unicorn manes
  • Svetlana Savinkina — Makeup transformation to Mr. Bean
  • Ursula Otsing — Fall creations
  • Santiago Massano & Anna Willinski — Simple to full-face tiger, stencil tricks and, web design and marketing
  • Diane Hook Spadola — A recipe for sweet & scrumptious clients
  • Milena Potekhina — Elegant masks
  • Marcela Bustamante — Creative cats
  • Tamina Muhammad — Graffiti made easy
  • Christy Lewis — Artsy animals
a woman face painting herself to look like mr. bean
Svetlana Savinkina — Makeup transformation to Mr. Bean class.

This summit was ground-breaking for several reasons. Firstly, the initial ticket price was only $19.99! I mean, c’mon now! You and I both know that $20 bill can barely cover the cost of a new split cake, let alone a convention ticket.

Have you ever been to a convention? They’re amazing! Meeting artists you admire, attending their classes, asking questions, learning about new products and techniques, and meeting other artists just like you… it’s a spectacular opportunity.

Pictures from 1st Online Summit attendees, practicing along with the live classes.

However, not all of us have the opportunity, time or means to purchase a ticket (ranging anywhere from $150-$500 US). Not only is a ticket required, but then many of us have to travel to the convention via planes, trains, and automobiles and there’s an additional expense.

Hotel, meals, purchasing supplies at conference… 💸cha-ching, 💸cha-ching, 💸cha-ching… You catch what I’m throwing out here. While a spectacular opportunity, conferences simply aren’t feasible for everyone, every time.

a boy having his face painted
Tip: Want to see more lessons by Tamina and the other instructors? Enroll in the School today for complete access to her webinar as well as webinars from a slew of other professionals!

The ability to attend this event, in my yoga pants, while my kids ran around yelling at each other in their underwear and made Thanksgiving crafts was PRICELESS. When you are at a physical convention, you have to fight for a limited front row seat so that you can catch everything the instructor is saying and doing.

This afforded a front-row seat, an opportunity to ask questions aaaaaaaand… the ability to rewatch and rewind whatever I wanted. I’m honestly not sure how they kept the price so low… but I’m certainly not complaining about it either! LOL

a colorful graphic that says "SAVE THE DATE"

Did you miss out on this golden opportunity? 😱 All good my dude.

There is a 2nd Online Summit already in the works! The tentative date is set for May 13th, 14th and 15th 2020, so be sure to stay tuned for details! 😍

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Free Webinars

Free you say? Why yes my good sir… ma’am… I said FREE. All students enrolled in any level of the School get access to our free webinars posted in our private Facebook group. Much like the online summit, these webinars are hosted not only by our illustrious School instructors but by an impressive roster of famous face painters from around the globe!

Every month we host one new webinar with a School instructor or with a guest artist. We’ve already collected a database of over 50 webinars with instructors like Nick Wolfe, Prima Barton, Margi Kanter, Tamina Muhammad, Marcela Bustamante and many more.

Olga and Co. already have several webinars in the pipeline for 2020, and these webinars are accessible any time, anywhere for the rest of your life! For consideration of our global audience, these webinars are broadcast in a variety of languages.

So while you may not be fluent in French or Spanish, I guarantee the instruction you’ll gain from Elodie Ternois and Marcela Bustamante transcend all language barriers!

Some of the topics and artists we’ve already hosted include:

  • Tamina Muhammad — “Spring critters Tamina urban art street art style”
  • Nick Wolfe — “Monsterous anatomy”
  • Prima Barton — “Boys will be boys – On the job designs”
  • Marcela Bustamante — “Las pinceladas favoritas y máscaras para niñas”
  • Margi Kanter — “On the job cartoons”
  • Annabel Hoogeveen — “Animated masks”



German version launch

We already mentioned the exciting plans for the 2nd Online Summit in mid-May 2020.

So what else can we look forward to? In our efforts to make the School as globally inclusive as possible, we are expanding our staff and breaking another language barrier!

The coming year will include the addition of a German-language instructor and curriculum. Be sure to follow us on social media to see the official launch and the naming of our new instructor.

New blog posts and step-by-steps

We will also be covering new blog topics, as well as even more step-by-step tutorials to help you continue to grow your skills. We do our best to make it impossible for you NOT to grow and succeed!

a girl with a completed colorful tiger face paint designs
Tip: We have a wide range of step-by-step tutorials already available to you right now. Paint along with Elodie with this Colorful Tiger Design.

New targeted mini-courses

We also have big plans to launch targeted courses to help cultivate specific skill sets in face and body painting. These courses will be like a mini version of our big course, designed to allow us to hone in on specific designs and topics. These mini-courses will also feature additional instructors that we cannot wait to introduce you to!


2020 is going to be an exciting year of painty, glittery greatness for you!

We cannot wait to see you soar to your fullest potential! What are you most excited to take part in?! 😘

 — Kelli Zermeño

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